Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

A mere month ago Lelo released a trio of exciting new prostate massagers which I reviewed here on this very blog, and now today they’ve gone and announced one more to add to the mix.

Clearly they work fast over at Lelo, and I was lucky enough to receive one to review, so let’s go ahead and see what I made of the Loki Wave!

The Loki Wave is a toy which greets you with all the familiarity of an old friend – albeit in this instance a friend you met only last month. Everything from the name to the design makes no attempt to disguise that the Wave builds directly on where the original Loki left off, and you can see it in every crest and contour. It takes that same lovely bulbous shape of the Loki, and adds on a perineum arm just like the one found on the Hugo, but you might ask yourself why the need for this. Surely they could have included this in the design already? Well that’s not the only trick behind the Loki Wave, because it combines these features with the addition of motion, real physical motion, the likes of which is extremely rare to find in a prostate massager.

Those of you with keen eyes and a comprehensive amount of Lelo product knowledge may have noticed that, much in the same way as the Loki looked an awful lot like the Lelo Mona, the Loki Wave has an uncanny resemblance to the Mona Wave, and this does seem to be a trend of Lelo upcyling their most popular G-spot vibrators into prostate massagers. Personally I’m all in favour of this and think it makes sound business sense. I’ve long heard my female reviewer friends rave about the Mona 2 and Mona Wave, and honestly if someone had sent me one I’d have used it in a flash, but it’s nice now to have specifically anal-safe versions for guys to try.

The Loki Wave has fundamentally the same dimensions as the original Loki, and in total you’re looking at 8″ inches from end to end, with 4″ of insertable shaft. That may not sure like a lot, but I’m always reminding people that the prostate is actually quite shallow and easy to reach, so 4″ is more than enough to get there. In terms of girth comes in at 4 5/8″ around the widest point, which could prove a little too much for complete anal novices, but a good size for everyone else.
The construction of the Loki Wave varies slightly from the original Loki, but only with respect to the handle section. Internally the whole toy is made from a firm ABS plastic which is then in turn covered by a thin layer of soft velvety silicone. Whereas on the original Loki the silicone covered only the insertable section and the handle was plastic, on the Wave the handle is now too covered in silicone, though this section retains the same white colouring There are two colour options available for the rest of the silicone, Federal Blue or Obsidian Black. I happen to have the black one again, but I included an example of the blue at the top as I think it looks a bit nicer. The amount of silicone on the Loki / Wave isn’t all that thick, but you can feel a little give when you squeeze it, so it does provide a touch of cushioning.
When it does come to inserting the Loki Wave it’s a nice smooth affair. The size clearly makes it less beginner-friendly than the Hugo or the Billy, but the gentle taper helps to ease that bulbous shaft into the body, and the smooth plush silicone feels lovely against the skin. Inside the body the Wave feels pleasantly filling; it’s not the biggest toy in the world but you can really feel its presence, especially with the way that it angles itself into the prostate and applies a gentle pressure. Outside the body the secondary arm rests against the perineum and too creates pressure at this point.
With the toy in position it stays quite happily in place meaning there’s no need to keep holding onto it if you don’t wish. The handle protrudes from the body enough that it’s easy to grab onto to operate, and with a little flexibility you can see the buttons too. Most of the time you’re going to be operating the buttons blind, and due to the handle changes this is a little different now to with the Loki. There are 5 buttons in all, with a central on/off and the other 4 laid out around it like the points of a compass. West and East are + & – which control the vibration intensity, while North and South cycle up and down through the different modes. The central button is identifiable as it’s denoted by a depression in the handle, whereas the others have only faint markings embossed in the silicone, so it’s usually necessary to use the power button to first orient your thumb, before then moving to press a particular button.

In total there are 10 different modes to choose from, and they all control a number of different variables. You can have the Wave Motion active or not, you can have the internal motor active or not, you can have the motor in the perineum arm active or not, and you can either be in constant vibration mode or experiencing a pattern. It’s a really great selection, but it’s also quite a lot to be thinking about as you’re cycling through them using only up and down arrows, trying to find just the one you want. Luckily the toy does remember your last setting when you turn it off, so if you have a favourite then it’s easy to stick with.

As with in the Loki the vibrations are impressively strong, even on the lower settings, and you can really feel them penetrating into the prostate. In terms on what the vibrations themselves are like on a buzzy to rumbly scale, they’re more midway between the two, leaning more towards the rumbly side. Personally I would have preferred a little more of a deeper rumbly vibration than what you get, but I always say that, and it’s still a really pleasing sensation that it delivers, especially when coupled with the intensity of the power settings.

The real star of the show here though is the Wave Motion, because if you only wanted vibrations then you’d just buy a Loki. The motion technology is what takes the Loki Wave to a whole other level. When it’s activated the main bulb of the device moves towards the perineum arm and then back again, like a robotic hand making a squeezing motion. Inside the body it has the effect of gently applying pressure repeatedly to the prostate, just as though you were attempting to massage it with a manual toy. It’s actually quite an amazing effect, especially in conjunction with the strong vibrations. It’s honestly like nothing I’ve felt throughout hundreds of reviews. One good feature about the presence of the perineum arm is that it does provide leverage while the toy is in motion, and ensures that it’s actually the internal portion that’s moving, and not just the handle wagging around outside the body. I make this point because it’s not the first time I’ve tried a prostate massager with motion, if you’ll recall the Nexus Revo 2. In that case it employed a completely different rotary motion, but most of the time the part that moved was the base outside the body, and not the internal arm. With the Loki Wave it’s not strictly necessary to hold the handle during use in order to feel the effect of the motion, but it can alter the sensations slightly if you choose to.

What’s actually nice about the Wave Motion is that you don’t have to do a thing with the toy, it’s the ultimate lazy man’s pleasure. With the Loki I’d often find myself wanting to thrust a little with it to get that extra touch of manual stimulation, but now that’s completely taken care of. You just select your favourite pattern and vibration strength, then lie back and let it go to town. The whole combination of effects just feels incredible, from the deep vibrations simultaneously penetrating the perineum and prostate, to that methodic back and forth motion, prodding and squeezing your prostate, like it was a piece of dough being kneaded by a strong-armed Swedish baker. It’s one of those toys that makes you think again of the mythical prostate orgasm, and wonder once more if you might be able to reach it. If you just let it do its thing then it does seem possible, and feels great just like this, but coupled with regular masturbation you’re guaranteed one of the best orgasms of your life.

Like the other Lelo prostate massagers the Loki Wave is rechargeable, has a lockable keypad for use when travelling, and comes with a cloth storage pouch. It is a tad more noisy than the Loki due to a slight whirring from the Wave Motion, but with a closed door it’s doubtful anyone would hear it. It comes with a USB charging cable rather than a wall plug, and again it’s 100% waterproof, giving you the option of safely using it in the bath or shower.

So as we reach the point of the review where I feel that it’s time to wrap up, I only have one thing to say; buy one. Lelo have really impressed me once again with this one, and after the Loki I wasn’t sure where they could go next. The introduction of Wave Motion just takes a prostate massager beyond expectations, and I feel as though I’m almost spoiled for any other toy now. It thoroughly deserves my recommendation, and if you have a prostate then you owe it to yourself to try it.
Thanks to Lelo for sending me one to review and it’s available to buy directly from Lelo, and the following places around the world:
North America: Lovehoney USA, Shevibe