Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2

Back in March Tantus’s customer service pirate, the lovely Captain Sparkle Bunny, kindly sent me a bag of goodies to review for them, and I’ve been steadily plodding my way through it whenever I get a spare moment. Today I’m going to be looking at the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 dildo, and you may remember that I reviewed the Pack ‘n’ Play No.1 a while back and was a big fan of it.

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The Pack ‘n’ Play line of dildos from Tantus is an ingenious cross between their popular O2 line and the Supersoft. If you’re already familiar with Tantus products you may recognise the shape of the No.2 as being taken from the same mould as the Mark.
As the name suggests the Pack ‘n’ Play is a dual purpose dildo, designed to serve both as a dildo for penetrative use, and also as a packer if desired. As with any product that performs two functions there’s the question of getting the balance right between the needs of each, and in this case it would seem that the “play” side is more strongly favoured.
Like all Tantus products the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 is made of silicone, but what makes it different is that it’s much softer than the silicone you’d usually expect to find. If you’re someone who loves the fact that silicone is odourless, non-porous, and completely body-safe, but still find yourself drawn to other materials because it’s firmer than you’d like, then this dildo is going to be perfect for you. The material is wonderfully plush and feels just as soft as the outer later on the O2 dildos, only there’s more of it. You can bend it with ease, compress it, and if you squeeze it hard enough it’ll even grow a little longer. I’m a huge fan of it and I keep hoping that Tantus will continue to make more dildos in this vein, as it’s easily one of my favourite types of silicone.
The surface of the silicone incorporates two finishes: the shaft is matte and feels velvety to the touch, while the head is completely smooth and shiny. Unlike the silicone in the O2 dildos there’s not even a hint of tackiness to it, which is very welcome. The construction of the dildo is superb, and you won’t find any hint of a mould line or defect anywhere along it.
The design of the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 is modelled after the Mark, one of Tantus’s realistic dildos. In total it’s 6 1/2″ long, and 5 3/4″ of that are actually insertable. The widest portion of the dildo is around the lower half of the shaft, which measures 5″ in circumference. The head itself is fairly small and acorn-shaped, and its shiny surface is quite lacking in detail. On all sides of the dildo the head blends almost seamlessly into the shaft below, with no significant coronal ridge protruding. The shaft is a pretty uniform thickness along its entire length, narrowing slightly to 4 3/4″ just below the head, and the whole thing features a very subtle upward curve. The surface of the shaft is more detailed than the head, but still only to a minimal degree, featuring at most a couple of raised areas designed to look like veins. It’s not a great deal of detail, but it does add some points of interest and makes the dildo seem a little more lifelike.
The base of the dildo is designed to make it completely harness friendly, and it achieves this by incorporating some of the dual-density technology from the O2 dildos. The bottom half of the base is made from a much firmer silicone, and this firm material then extends around a 1/4 of the way up into the core of the shaft. The result of this is that is strengthens the base of the dildo, allowing it to be held securely in any compatible O-ring harness. If you are using the dildo in a harness then you may find that there’s a slight degree droop in the shaft when it’s being held by the base, but it’s barely noticeable. When you’re not using the dildo the 2 3/4″ wide base is also great for standing the dildo upright and offers a lot of stability.
Like its brother the No.1, the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 is possibly one of the most comfortable dildos I’ve ever used, and I remain quite keen for everyone to try one for themselves. Everything about the shape and the material makes it ideal for anal play, and it also comes in a more modest size that should suit a wider range of people. The small rounded head with its shiny surface helps the dildo to slide very easily into the body, without the need for warm up, and the soft material feels so gentle against the sphincter, both during insertion and afterwards if you decide to stop and give the dildo a little squeeze. The matte surface of the shaft has a little bit of drag to it, which personally I like, and it also help to hold onto lube very well. Once the dildo is inside the body it does feel unimaginably comfortable, especially as it sucks up heat and warms to body temperature. I’m a huge fan of regular silicone, but the extra flex in the Pack ‘n’ Play makes it significantly better, and it really does bend around into any position it needs to be in. You can thrust with it by hand using the base as a handle, or use the stability of the base to allow you to squat over it and ride it, but either way you needn’t worry about being too vigorous as the soft head cushions any impact with your insides. Because it’s a shorter dildo it’s possible to insert the whole thing right down to the base, with no worry of it suddenly poking you uncomfortably inside like you might find with other toys. In terms of thrusting it reminds me of one of my other favourite smaller dildos, the Kevin Warhol, because it has that same ability to use its size and flexibility to rub back and forth across the prostate very satisfyingly.
If using the dildo for packing you may encounter a couple issues. The first is that when you attempt to fold it downwards, or sideways, depending on how you envision wearing it, you’ll find that the point at which it begins to bend is right at the midpoint of the shaft, causing quite a conspicuous bulge. The second is that the material has a lot of spring in it, so you’ll need a strong pair of underwear to hold it down in the position you want, otherwise it’ll just stretch out the fabric and risk leaving it misshapen.
As the dildo is silicone you want to remember to avoid using silicone lubes with it. When it comes to cleaning it you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, use a toy cleaner/wipe of your choice, or alternatively sterilise it by either boiling for a couple of minutes in a pan of water, or wiping it over with a 10% bleach solution.
Overall I’m thoroughly pleased with the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 and think that it’s a fantastic product. If I was rating it as a packer then I’d probably be forced to knock off a point, but as I’m just using it as a dildo it gets full marks from me.
You can buy the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 directly from Tantus.

It’s also available from the fine folks at SheVibe