E-Stim Torpedo

It’s time for my second E-Stim review, right on the back of their ETO Award win this month, and today I’m looking at the Torpedo metal butt plug. I was quite excited when E-Stim agreed to send this one over to me as I’ve been keen to try out a metal attachment for a while, ever since I made my first foray into the world of electro-play last year with a lovely silicone toy from another brand. Metal is actually a sex toy material I’m rather fond of in general – you need only read my review of the nJoy Pure Plug 2.0 to be convinced of that – so to my mind coupling it with my appreciation for electro-play can only be a recipe for good things.

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The Torpedo is one of 12 different solid-metal premium electrodes that E-Stim offers, all in a variety of different shapes and sizes to appeal to every taste. It comes available in a choice of ‘small’ or ‘large’ and as you might have guessed I opted for the bigger model.
The Torpedo is not a beginner’s toy by any stretch of the imagination. It measures 6 1/4″ in circumference with 4″ of insertable length, so you’re going to need a significant degree of experience with anal play before evening thinking of tackling it.
Much like its name the design of the Torpedo has the feel of a piece of military ordnance, looking rather like a scaled down version of the “Little Man” bomb from the 1940s, rather than anything intended to be shot out of a submarine. It’s constructed from 4 key parts – the main bulb, the neck, the base, and a central connecting bolt – with all but the neck being made from solid aluminium, giving it a hefty weight of 555g. The standard finish for the plug is brushed metal which gives it a rather appealing industrial feel to it I find. It’s not overly fancy and looks how I imagine an electrode should, though a polished version is also available on request if you’re interested in something a little more pretty.
Functionally the Torpedo is designed as a bi-polar electrode, with the two points of charge coming from the bulb of the plug and the base, while the black plastic neck acts as an insulator between them to ensure the current flows through the body. This allows the Torpedo to be used alone, unlike with the MicroSound which required another accessory to be in place to complete the circuit.
When it comes to using the Torpedo it’s advisable to opt for a warm-up toy first, in part due to the sheer girth of it, but also because the rounded tip is quite blunt and has very little taper to it. This isn’t a strict requirement though as it is possible to insert the plug by itself if you have the patience and experience for it, because this is the sort of thing I take the time to test out. Once you’re ready to accommodate the thickness of the plug it slips inside very comfortably, with the brushed metal surface feeling almost soft against skin. Inside the body the Torpedo feels wonderfully filling as it pushes up against the prostate, and you get a subtle cool feeling too as the conductive metal begins to suck the heat from the surrounding tissue. This is one of the things I love to play around with when it comes to metal toys, changing the temperature of them before insertion just to add a little extra sensation. The other thing that you’ll notice straight away is the weight bearing down on your sphincter. The plug feels completely secure and there’s no risk of it slipping out, but there’s a pleasant awareness off all this mass there, enough to warrant a few muscle contractions almost as though you’re doing a muscle-toning workout with your anus. What’s nice is that just as a starting point of being a buttplug it’s a really great toy, and it feels lovely to just walk around wearing it and feeling its presence. Even the base nestles happily between the buttocks despite looking rather large.
The fun really starts once you connect the Torpedo to the EBox Series 1 power unit. On the lowest setting you immediately get this slight tickling sensation all around the plug inside you, which gave me cause to squirm a little and give out a girlish giggle. As you increase it it changes to that more vibration-like sensation, but it also gives off that fascinating feeling of energy flowing through you and the surrounding area lighting up. More power brought with it a spontaneous erection and the sense that the electricity was flowing through the prostate and further afield. Although its almost impossible to properly put into words these sensations, it was noticeably a different sensation from what I had with the silicone toy I’d used in the past. That delivered a much more intense prostate sensation specifically, but with the Torpedo it was like all my erogenous zones were being super charged as I turned the dial all the way up to the max. This fact was evident when I finally gave in to the urge to masturbate and was rewarded by an especially strong orgasm, boosted by the flow of power. There are a lot of different modes you can try out with the Torpedo, which I covered last week when I was discussing the EBox in my MicroSound review, but I found that I was most compelled to stick with the continuous one. Something that did interest me about the Torpedo, is that despite its design, almost all the sensation seems to be felt inside the body, with very little around the base, and the sphincter doesn’t spasm in response to the electricity either, though manually contracting it and pulling the plug into a slightly different position can alter the exact sensation.
One thing that’s worth pointing out about the Torpedo is when it comes to cleaning it, it can actually be disassembled. It’s as simple as unscrewing it and separating it into its four parts, and this is really handy because lube can get into the gap between the metal and plastic, and when it comes to anal toys it’s nice to know that every cranny its getting washed properly.
I have to say I’m a huge fan of the Torpedo, and one of these metal toys was definitely worth waiting for. I love the thing just as a plug; it’s well made, a great shape, a great size, a great weight, but when you hook it up to E-Stim’s powerpack that’s when it gets really special. It delivers good strong electrical current and the sensations are incredible. It’s fun just to play with by itself, or to couple with the use of a Fleshjack or other sex toy where you want to supercharge the experience. I honestly couldn’t fault this toy and would recommend that anyone give it a try, or at least try one from the range in a suitable size for them.
Thanks to Mick from E-Stim for sending this to me to review, and you can buy the Torpedo straight from their website.