L’Amourose Rosa

Right at the end of last year an e-mail arrived in my inbox from L’Amourose, offering me the opportunity to review one of their products. As it happened I’d seen a number of very favourable reviews popping up all over the place for their Rosa massager, so naturally I was curious to see what all the fuss was about, and too if it would live up to its reputation.

I gladly accepted the generous offer and a couple of weeks ago a shiny Rosa showed up on my doorstep, courtesy of the folks at Pasante (whose condoms I have fond memories of, as they were handed out freely in several of the bars I frequented whilst at university). With some thorough testing done it’s now time for the review, so head below. 

The Rosa is a rechargeable dual-motor vibrating toy, designed with unisex use in mind, and perhaps unsurprisingly in this instance I’ll be looking at its capacity as a prostate massager. I’m a big fan of prostate massagers, or at least the idea of prostate massagers, but I’m also highly discerning and greedy for a lot of power, which means that many of the ones I’ve tried and tested fall short. I’ve reviewed around ten vibrating prostate massagers to date, and the typical flaws I find are weak vibrations, buzzy vibrations, vibrations in the wrong place, less than ideal shape – I’m sure you get the picture – and typically I’ll end with a recommendation that the reader considers the Lelo Billy instead. I’ve had the Lelo Billy since late 2011, and in all that time I’ve kept asking myself “will something better ever come along?” and with the review of this product the question arises again, so I thought I’d put it right at the start. “Does the L’Amourose Rosa outperform the Lelo Billy?”

…The answer is “Yes.” If you’ve read my Billy review you’ll recall that as much as I liked it I ended by pointing out that I wanted something with more power, and more physical size, and the Rosa comes through and delivers both of these in an impressive way. Perhaps it’s too early in the review to be declaring that I have a new favourite prostate massager, but it looks like I just have, so if you want to know precisely why then you’ll have to keep reading as I break down the Rosa in more detail.

The Rosa has something of a simplistic design for a prostate massager, with a smooth and gently-curving body, unlike many of the strange and bumpy designs favoured by other manufacturers, and I’m actually quite glad of this. The shape of the insertable portion is somewhat similar to that of the Lelo Billy – albeit thicker – which could explain my fondness for it, though at the same time the bulbous tip is not dissimilar to a slightly thinner Tantus Ryder – another toy of which I am a big fan. The base of the toy is oval in shape, which in itself is a little unique, and on the underside of it is a hard plastic shell cut like a gemstone, into which the charging contacts are embedded.

The whole toy is 5 3/4″ from top to bottom, with around 4 1/2″ that are actually insertable when you take into account the curve. Around the thickest section of the shaft the circumference measures 4 3/4″ which isn’t massive in and of itself, but which is quite substantial compared to other toys of this type. Around the neck of the toy the girth is a more modest 3″. The base is 3 1/2″ long by 2″ wide.

The construction of the Rosa is of an excellent standard, befitting its price-tag and placement as a high-quality luxury toy. The whole device feels very solid and firm, and it’s covered with a reasonably thin coating of platinum silicone, which gives it a velvety soft feeling to the touch and a slight amount of give to the surface. The silicone is available in a choice of three colours, black, pink, or this absolutely beautiful emerald green which looks like the centre of a tropical lagoon. The Rosa is largely rigid, save for a flexible section of the neck right above the base, allowing the toy to be gently bent in any direction.

The Rosa features two motors in its design, which is a little uncommon for a prostate massager. Its primary motor is located in the tip of the insertable portion, while a secondary motor lies in the base to provide external stimulation – in this case for the perineum. The motors are activated by using the (+) and (-) buttons on the side of the base, and a central (~) button between them is used to cycle between the 7 different vibration patterns.

With the application of a little water-based lubricant the tip of the Rosa is very easy to insert – though a little less beginner-friendly than the Billy – and the smooth silicone body slides comfortably into place. The shape and the design of the toy gives a very pleasant sense of fullness, with the curved shaft pushing the bulbous tip up into the prostate and providing stimulation before the motors have even been activated. In my case I found that the shaft was ever so slightly too long, and with the Rosa sitting in a comfortable resting position the base didn’t quite touch my perineum, though thanks to the flex in the shaft I could bend it up and into place without having to push the toy in deeper.

The position of the buttons makes them ever so slightly fiddly to operate unless you have your legs spread completely apart, as otherwise they get nestled up against your buttock / upper thigh, but it’s very easy to identify what you’re attempting to push just by touch alone, so you’ll always know whether you’re about to increase the power or change the pattern.

The vibrations start on a low purr with both motors activated and on constant, but even at that point it’s apparent how rumbly the internal motor is. I turned the power up to maximum pretty quickly and I really was impressed by just how much the Rosa can put out. The vibrations are low, deep, rumbly, and ever so strong. In terms of sheer power it completely out performs the Billy, and the vibrations can be felt penetrating deep into the prostate gland itself. My immediate physical reaction to the sensation was twofold; I began to get a spontaneous erection, and secondly I found myself tightly clenching my anal muscles at intervals, which pulled the Rosa deeper inside me and pushed the bulb right into the prostate gland to a pleasurable effect. On this setting alone the Rosa felt amazing and I was quite happy to sit there for quite a while enjoying the deep vibrations and the sense of it being physically thrust into the prostrate by my own contractions.

The next two vibration settings are perhaps the least interesting of the lot, the first turns off the external motor which is quite useful if you simply don’t see the use of it – and because it is the louder of the pair – and the setting after than does the opposite, turning off the internal motor and leaving on the external, which in my opinion is a little pointless. The four settings after that are all patterns, and patterns are what I really enjoy with prostate massagers, but I do have slightly mixed feelings about those on the Rosa. Because the Rosa has two motors the patterns are largely formed by alternating between them both, similar to in the Odeco Hedone, and I don’t love that so much because the only pattern I’m really interested in is the one coming from the internal motor, and every time it switches to the external one it seems to put a break – or overly long pause – in that pattern.

The first of the four patterns has pulses of vibrations coming out of the internal motor at one second intervals, which is unfortunate because that gap is just too much to get a good rhythm. Half a second after the internal motor pulses the external motor then pulses, and that sensation alone isn’t very satisfying, so I tend to get frustrated by this pattern. It feels like there’s a lot of waiting for something to happen, punctuated by something unnecessary happening, so I just can’t enjoy it.

The next pattern is one of my favourites, and it’s similar to the one before only faster. The internal motor pulses at half second intervals which is perfect to establish a basic rhythm and it feels really good. This time the external motor actually complements it, because it provides a nice extra tingle in between the main event of the wonderful internal vibrations. I call this the “printer” setting because of the way it sounds, with a longer deep vibration followed by a shorter higher pitched one, much like the sound of a printer carefully printing a line of text across a page, followed by another sound of the sheet of paper quickly being pushed forward by one line. This is assuredly the most stimulating of all the patterns, and it’s the one I go straight to when I want to get off. At times it feels as though I could almost climax from the toy alone and no additional stimulation.

The third pattern is another one of my favourites, and this is what I think of as the relaxing pattern. The external motor vibrates constantly, while the internal motor starts off low and steadily increases to full power before dropping back down and starting again. This really is a massage setting as the vibrations almost feel like physical motion as they ramp up in power, giving the sensation of the prostate being deeply kneaded. Something about the slow pace of it and the deep vibrations just puts me into a completely relaxed state, and I feel like I could close my eyes and lie there feeling it for hours at a time. In this regard it’s quite unique and definitely a winner.

The final pattern is one which again I’m less keen on. It’s a completely erratic pattern with both motors vibrating seemingly completely at random, and I just can’t enjoy that. Without some sort of rhythm it just doesn’t work for me.

The second pattern is the one I choose to masturbate to, and it definitely has a significant impact on my orgasms. Not only do my pelvic floor muscles contract more strongly during climax, but I found myself unexpectedly shooting further, and too did my orgasm feel stronger. Not only did the Rosa feel fantastic anally, but it delivered measurable benefits for a regular orgasm which was a most welcome discovery.

One of the fun things about the Rosa is that it stays put when it’s inserted, and the base nestles comfortably between the buttocks, so you can walk around a bit whilst wearing it, just like with a butt plug, or you can wear it whilst having sex with a partner, which is definitely something on my list of things to try eventually. You can also sit down whilst wearing it, and use the base to rock around on for extra stimulation, though the down side I found was that the vibrations from the external motor go straight into the mattress and create a lot of unwanted sound.

On the subject of sound the Rosa is actually a pretty quiet device, so you can use it confident that no one on the other side of a door or partition wall will be able to hear it. The external motor is the louder of the two, but I found I could muffle this by squeezing it with my thighs.

When you’re done with the Rosa it’s easy to clean as it’s waterproof, and because it’s silicone you can sterilise it too by wiping over with a mild bleach solution, allowing you to share it with a partner. To charge it you simply place it onto the provided magnetic charging dock, and afterwards it can be stored in the black velvet pouch that it comes with.

I really am a huge fan of the L’Amourose Rosa, largely because of the sheer power it puts out, but also because of the wonderful size and shape of it, and all the extra little details such as the charging dock. I’ve been waiting a long time for something to beat the Lelo Billy, and this feels like its bigger stronger brother has finally arrived; it’s the upgrade I’ve been craving. The only point where I’m not 100% convinced is with the vibration settings, because of the 7 choices I like 4 and have no use for 3 of them, and considering that two of the 4 are nearly the same, it’s closer to a 50/50 split. I’d really love if there was another pulsing setting that was even faster that what’s currently available, but you know what, this isn’t going to stop me from recommending this toy. When you couple together my favourite vibration patterns with the incredible power and design of the Rosa, it’s enough to make this a must have toy for everyone. It’s an investment, but it’s worth it.

Thanks to L’Amourose and Pasante for sending me this fantastic product.

The L’Amourose Rosa is available right now from Lovehoney UK.

It’s also available in North America from Lovehoney USA and SheVibe