ElectraStim Urethral Sound

Today I’m going to be looking at a product which combines two things which each alone seem to terrify the uninitiated, that is urethral sounding and electro play. That’s right, if you’ve ever wondered what it might feel like to insert a metal rod into your penis and hook it up to an electrical supply then you’ve come to the right place! Before you start crossing your legs and frantically clicking the “back” button on your browser I have to tell you that it really isn’t as scary as you’re imagining. It is after all a sex toy, and sex toys are about pleasure, not medieval torture devices, so while it may seem like the extreme end of S&M it couldn’t be further from that.

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Electrosex and sounding are two things that I’ve tried separately in the past and enjoyed, so it really wasn’t long before I started wondering what it might be like to combine them. In fact I even tried to jury-rig my own electrified sound to limited success. As fortune would have it I was chatting to Hella from Electrastim a few weeks ago, and she offered me one of their sounds to review, so now I can share what the experience is like when done properly.
The ElectraStim Urethral Sound comes available in three different sizes: 5mm, 7mm, or 9mm diameter, designed to suit your preference or level of experience. I decided to play it a little safe and go with the 7mm, as my largest metal sound currently is 8mm and I didn’t feel that it would be the right time to go up to 9. I’m quite pleased that I made that decision, as when I first took it out of the box it did seem almost alarmingly large, and I had to do a quick side by side with my other sound just to check the proportions. The whole thing is just over 7 inches long, and of that length just under 5 1/4″ can actually be inserted, so it has more reach to it than some of the stubbier sounds around, but not enough to make it all the way down to the base of the penis, or even further towards the prostate if that’s what you were hoping for.
The construction of the sound is done in two pieces, there’s a black plastic handle section at the top which acts as an insulator and allows you to hold the sound during use, and then the rest of it is made from a high quality stainless steel. The steel section is manufactured impeccably, which is something of an absolute requirement when it comes to urethral sounds. The surface is completely smooth and uniform, buffed to a high sheen, and free from any scratches, seams, or defects. When you’re inserting something into the delicate tissue of the urethra it needs to be done to this standard to avoid injury or irritation, and I’m very impressed which what ElectraStim have made, and feel confident that they know exactly what they’re doing with their sounds. At the top end of the handle is a little hole, and into this is where one of the cables from your ElectraStim control unit plugs. 
The ElectraStim sounds are what’s known as unipolar toys. This means that only one wire connects to them, so the other wire must be attached to something else that’s coming into contact with your body in order to complete the circuit, be it one of the adhesive pads that come included with the ElectraStim Flick kits, or indeed one of the ElectraLoop cock rings worn around the base of the penis. Because of the unipolar nature you can use any ElectraStim unit with them, and there’s no requirement to have a Duo such as with the Sirius
When it comes to using the Sound my advice is to begin by inserting it just like you would with a regular sound, long before you hook it up to the electricity. The reason for this is because if you go inserting it with electricity already charged up inside it then as soon as the end of it touches your skin it’ll give you a sudden and uncomfortable shock, so that’s best avoided. Thoughtfully ElectraStim include in the box everything you need to ensure a safe sounding experience, including sterile wipes to clean the sound with before use, and sachets of sterile lubricant to help insert it, both which lower the chances of bacteria getting into your urethra and causing an infection. You want to be generous with the lube and insert the sound slowly until you’re comfortable with its positioning.

Once you plug the sound into the ElectraStim unit and turn on the power you’ll begin to feel that familiar tingling sensation all down the length of your urethra, but it’s actually surprisingly weak. You’ll find that you can crank the unit up really quite high without it becoming uncomfortable, and in fact you’re more likely to notice a little bit of “prickling” discomfort in the skin around your adhesive pad or ElectraLoop at these higher settings, well before you do around the sound. It seems a little backwards because we all expect the urethra to be the most sensitive place when it comes to feeling the electricity, but there’s actually a very simple explanation behind it; it’s all about surface area. The sound looks like a fairly small toy, but it actually has a substantial surface area, all which is electro-conductive. A little bit of maths puts the surface area at around 29 square cm, or 4.5 square inches, which is pretty big if you draw it out on a sheet of paper, and far larger than one of the adhesive pads. In the same way that pressure is measured as force over area, the power level of the electricity will feel weaker when it’s distributed over a larger area of skin. The interesting thing about this though is how it manifests when you don’t use the sound in a stationary position, but begin moving it around and thrusting it. As you pull the sound out of the penis the amount of the surface that’s in contact with the skin decreases, and the electricity can be felt more strongly in the areas still making contact. Depending on what you like you can play around with this, slowly pulling the sound out and pushing your limit on how intense a sensation you can take, or you may just find yourself wanting to turn the unit down a few notches during the gentle thrusting.

The sensation you get from having an electrified sound in your urethra is hard to explain, but it’s definitely a pleasurable one. If you’ve used ElectraStim toys before then it’s very much akin to that lovely tingly almost-vibration-like feeling that you get, only this time it’s emanating from within your sex organ, not merely being applied to the outside of it. Couple this with one of the many different patterns available on the Flick unit and it can be a really fascinating experience to play around with, and see how it makes you react.
There are some sort of downsides to the whole design which I’ll address briefly, and they do come back to the surface area and the length. Because of how the sound is constructed it’s not really possible to get a strong electrical sensation localised deep within the shaft, which was something I was interested to explore. With the sound inserted to its fullest extent you get the weaker sensation, and it’s distributed equally all over the interior of the urethra, so it’s hard to pinpoint a feeling in a specific location, other than just a generalised one. What I’d love to see is a rose-bud style sound, where only the tip of it was conductive, so you could feel exactly where the electricity was emanating from inside you as you moved it around, preferably with the option to insert it deeper too. The other point I’d make concerns my favourite way to use the sound, and that involves inserting no more than about an inch of the length, just enough to go through the head and sit behind the frenulum, and I’ll explain shortly why I like this so much. Using it in this fashion though can be a little cumbersome because of the added weight and length that isn’t being used, so I’d love to see a drastically shorter ElectraStim penis plug, or wearable plug with glans ring combination.

So the technique that gives me the most pleasure from the sound is just to insert the tip of it into my penis, and then increase the power to a reasonably strong level and pick a pattern on the base unit. When I do this it feels like the whole head of my penis just lights up, with electricity coursing through every cell of the spongy blood-filled glans. It creates this wonderful throbbing vibrating sensation all over, both inside and out, and it’s powerful too. It almost feels like having the rumbling  motor of the We-Vibe Tango installed directly inside my penis. It’s such a unique sensation, and especially when you couple it with an adhesive pad affixed in just the right place along the perineum to cause the PC muscles to contract, it creates a supremely enjoyable outcome.
If you’re someone who enjoys electrosex play, and sounding too, then I’d definitely recommend giving electro-sounding a go, as it really is going to give you a taste of something new. It’s probably not something that anyone’s going to jump into without prior experience of either field, but equally if you’re looking to get into sounding then this is a great product to invest in at the outset. As a sound alone it’s a lovely high quality product that’s really well made, and it comes ready-enabled to be hooked up to an ElectraStim machine should you so desire. It terms of how it’s built it’s a product without faults, and I have no complaints, so the manufacturers at ElectraStim deserve praise for that. In terms of design, especially in relation to the ways I identified that I wanted to use it, it’s not a perfect product for me. I believe that certain modifications could create better alternatives, but that doesn’t necessarily negate what it is now. It’s still a product that functions well and has a variety of uses, so I’d still be inclined to give it my recommendation. Perfection is a lofty aim, but things that fall short can still have plenty of value, and I know I’m going to keep on enjoying using this sound.

The ElectraStim Urethral Sound is available in the 5mm and 7mm size from CloneZone, and in the 5mm size from Lovehoney.

Thanks to Hella and ElectraStim for sending me the product.