Tantus Fantasy Gag

And now for something completely different, as John Cleese famously once said. It’s not often that I stray into the world of S&M or bondage, but when I saw the Fantasy Gag from Tantus it seemed unusual enough that I wanted to try it. I’m someone that has, shall we say, an oral fixation. I unashamedly love giving head, and in fact half the fun for me of buying a porn star dildo is the chance to suck on it and see how it feels in my mouth, so when I saw that Tantus had made a gag in the shape of a penis I wondered what could be better. I may not be entirely into the scene of being gagged, but having a penis strapped inside my mouth is something I’m more than happy to try, so let’s see how this particular piece fares.

The Fantasy Gag is one of two gags available in Tantus’s line, with the other being a more standard ball-style gag. It originally came in a choice of three colours, Vanilla, Cocoa, and Black, though Tantus have recently reduced this to just the black option, so if you find the others more appealing then it’s worth checking out the close-out section for a bargain, and I also know of retailers with some old stock. Tantus kindly sent me one of the vanilla models review, because I felt more strongly drawn to a flesh tone for a toy modelled on human anatomy.
The gag comes in three parts, the gag portion itself, and two leather straps which attach securely to the gag with metal poppers, and fasten together around the back of the head with velcro strips. This system makes it extremely convenient when washing the gag as you can detach the straps first, but as they are leather this may not appeal to people who prefer to avoid animal products.
The gag itself is made from 100% platinum silicone, just as you would expect from Tantus. I talk a lot about how silicone is odourless as a lot of people can be sensitive to toys with strong smells, but silicone is also tasteless, which is a really important factor in a toy such as a gag, as you want a neutral flavour from anything that’s going to be sitting in your mouth for a while. Silicone is of course also non-porous, and sometimes we forget what a breeding ground for bacteria the mouth actually is, so it’s nice to be able to sterilise your gag, especially if you want to share it with a partner.
The quality of construction of the gag is top-notch, a signature of anything made by Tantus. It uses quite a firm silicone, with a smooth shiny surface, and there are no visible seams or mould-lines on the toy, nor any pits, bubbles, or other defects in the surface.
In terms of size the gag is a little bigger than I had expected, especially in terms of length. It may be shaped after a penis, but it’s a penis with a very elongated head, almost conical. The portion that’s insertable into the mouth is 2 7/8″ long, and the circumference is 5 3/8″ around, so it’s quite a chubby little thing.
When it comes to using the gag you have a couple of options on how to place it into the mouth, either with the coronal ridge up towards the roof of the mouth, or down against the tongue. Either way the size of the gag fills the mouth up quite considerably, and projects towards the back of the throat, but I found the latter configuration to be preferable as it allows a little more room for the tongue to move around. With the gag in place it does actually feel quite restrictive, both the way it takes up so much room in the mouth, suppresses the tongue, and inhibits your ability to swallow. It’s not the most comfortable sensation in the world, especially with the straps fastened tightly, but at no time does it make you feel like you’re about to choke or retch, so I take all this as a sign that it’s doing its job properly. Personally in my little fantasy of what I thought this product would be like I would have preferred it to be a little shorter and less intrusive, almost like a penis-shaped dummy/pacifier that I could merrily suck on, but I’m starting to understand that that’s not quite what a gag is supposed to be about. Interestingly because of how difficult it is, if not impossible, to swallow, you do tend to drool a lot whilst wearing it, because saliva starts to build up and there’s no effective way to get rid of it. I don’t know if that’s a plus or not, to be a master with a drooling slave, but you may have to do a little mopping up afterwards.
I found that the mental aspect of the gag being penis-shaped was lost pretty quickly. Once it’s actually in your mouth you tend to forget about it and it does just feel like a lump of silicone. I think this is partly because you can’t really move your mouth, lips, and tongue over it to constantly get a good sense of its shape, and also because it’s not all that detailed in areas. The corona of the glans is very prominent, but there’s no urethral meatus, and the area where the frenulum should be is almost completely smooth. If definitely doesn’t have that same realistic feeling as certain dildos I’ve toyed with in my mouth. It leads to an “out of sight, out of mind” situation, where the sooner you’re no longer looking at it, the sooner it just feels just like any other gag in your mouth – or so I would imagine as someone who only owns one gag. This rendered it slightly less effective to me as someone who liked the idea of thinking about the fact that it was a penis in my mouth, and I suspect it could have similar consequences during roleplay for anyone hoping to humiliate their slave by forcing them to suck a penis shape.
A couple of nice benefits to the gag overall are that it heats up to body temperature inside your mouth pretty quickly, and that the silicone is pretty resilient if you bite down on it, so you needn’t worry about teethmarks too much.
So then, what do I make of my first gag over all? Well, I think it fits the brief of being a gag extremely well: it’s sturdy, well made, doesn’t have a taste, easy to clean, easy to fasten in place, and it gags you with just the right level of restriction without actually making you feel like you’re going to choke. Pretty much everything you want from a good quality gag. In terms of the actual shape of it, I tend to think of that as more aesthetic than anything. It’s an interesting design twist to make a gag that looks like a penis, but it doesn’t really have an impact on how it functions, so it’s more a question of what you want to see in your toy drawer. Arguably it has a little bit more of a kink factor to it.
I’m not a gag expert by any means, but I did enjoy myself trying this one out, and based on its quality of construction and its performance I’d definitely recommend it to any one who’s into that scene. Now that I have paddles, a gag, and nipple clamps, I really do need to find an occasion to try them all at once with someone.
You can buy the Fantasy Gag directly from Tantus, or the fine folks at SheVibe.
If you’re in the UK then head over to UberKinky for the full colour range.