Tantus Amsterdam

It’s time for my review of the second piece to come out of my recent box of Tantus goodies. Whereas last time the Slow Drive proved to be my least favourite toy of the lot, I’m just going to go ahead and spoil it right now by saying that the Amsterdam has been by far the one I’ve enjoyed the most.
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I first spotted the Amsterdam a couple of months back and became immediately intrigued by its rather unusual design, as on the surface it’s a pretty funny object to behold. It’s a dildo, but it doesn’t really look like a dildo – at least not any dildo that I’ve had experience with up to this point. In fact to my untrained eye it rather looks like a bollard of all things – those sturdy metal posts you see dotted around pedestrianised areas of cities to keep the traffic out, and which we all leapfrogged playfully over as children. What actually transpires when you look into the background of the toy, is that it is indeed a bollard, as strange as that might sound. It’s modelled exactly on the bollards used in Amsterdam to demarcate the boundaries of the infamous red light district there, hence the name of the toy.
Armed with this knowledge I’ll admit that I looked on the toy with distinctly two minds. Half of me was excited by the design because it’s the sort of interesting creative thing that I expect from Tantus, and really who else do you see coming up with such a unique concept? The other half of me was somewhat dismissive though, because design aside I wasn’t certain that I could see the shape working effectively in practice. What remained, however, was the feeling that I had to get my hands one, so I jumped at the chance when offered.
The Amsterdam is a dildo which comes in two sizes: there’s a colossal ‘large‘ which measures nearly a foot in height and over 2 1/2″ in width, and which at one time I would have readily attempted, but given the fact that I haven’t been making regular use of my more girthy toys recently I decided to play it safe and go with the ‘small‘, which measures a more modest 6 5/8″ tall (6″ insertable), by 4 1/2″ circumference (4 3/4″ at the ridge). One thing I noticed from seeing it in person is that it does actually seem much smaller than I’d expected, specifically in regard to the slender girth. That could be just because I’m used to toys having a little more thickness, or perhaps because I was looking at photos of the ‘large’ and the proportions of each differ slightly, but it’s always interesting to me how we perceive things differently when we have them physically in hand and not in an image.
The first thing that really struck me about the Amsterdam is just how soft it is. It’s made from Tantus’s “Super Soft” variety of silicone – a fact which had apparently slipped my mind – and it really lives up to that name. It’s made from exactly the same silicone as in the Pack ‘n’ Play, and the outer coating of the Max and Adam, but somehow it feels even softer and I adore it. It’s so squishy and squeezable, and it bends with absolute ease; I could sit around playing with it in my hands for ages before even beginning to use it for its intended purposes. I’ll even admit that I’m pausing between sentences right now to squeeze it even more. The finish to the dildo is a luxuriously-velvety matte one, rather than being shiny, and it beautifully compliments the overall soft feeling of the piece. For me this is the perfect silicone consistency. Some people prefer it on the firmer side, but I’m a real lover of the plush bendable type, with plenty of give in the surface.
Silicone is always one of my favourite materials, whether hard or soft, and that’s because it’s one of the safest substances you can put into your body. It’s inert, non-toxic, non-porous, odourless, tasteless, and you can sterilise it and share it with a partner. It’s also incredibly durable can last indefinitely if you take care of it, which is why it remains top of my list.
The general design of the Amsterdam is more or less self-explanatory, especially for anyone who’s ever encountered a bollard, so I won’t spend too much time describing what you can already see. It has a plain cylindrical shaft, rounded off at the top with a hemisphere, and just below this is a small ridge less than 1/8″ deep, and around 3/8″ thick. The only other detail to note is the presence of three letter Xs placed vertically in the top half of the shaft, and which project out from it slightly less than the ridge above them. The base has the same teardrop shape as on the Slow Drive, and this gives it plenty of stability when stood upright, as well as making it compatible with an O-ring harness if desired. The flared nature of it also ensures that the dildo is anal-safe.
As is to be expected the construction of the Amsterdam is flawless, with not a single mould line in sight, nor any bubbles or defects in the surface of the material, so once again Tantus cannot be faulted.
What really took me by surprise with the Amsterdam was its performance, and after all that’s what really counts with a sex toy. Due to the size of the dildo, and the squishiness of the material, it slips into the body with complete ease and comfort, despite the rounded tip being more blunt than tapered. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to recommend it to a complete novice, even with it being smaller than the first toy I ever used on myself, but for most people it’s going to be smooth sailing to insert without the need of any warm up toys. Once it’s inside you’ll understand that it’s a toy that was made for thrusting, and its unassuming appearance hides the secrets of what it can actually do. I don’t exaggerate when I say that it’s one of the most pleasurable dildos I’ve used for prostate stimulation, and it’s completely effortless in how it works. It doesn’t matter whether you’re thrusting it by hand, or squatting over it and riding it, every time you feel it just where you want to, and it feels so good. It accomplishes this in a number of ways, and the first is due to the flexibility of the shaft. The dildo goes into the anus, the tip hits the prostate and is deflected, and the shaft gives way and curves as it travels deeper into the rectum, conforming with your body’s natural shape. The curving of the shaft allows for the entire thing to make constant contact with the prostate as it brushes past with each thrust, and it also places gentle pressure on the prostate at the same time, because the elasticity in the silicone wants to pull the curved shaft back into a straight position. The result is that the whole toy firmly rubs the prostate with each thrust. The next way in which the Amsterdam works its magic on the prostate is with those small elements of texture, namely the ridge and the crosses. The ridge may seem subtle at first, but inside the body that little bump hitting the prostate really makes all the difference, and as you pull the dildo in and out you can identify the moment when you feel it drawing across the surface. The same is true for the crosses, and you almost want to disbelieve it because how could 3 little raised shapes really have that much impact on a gland that can be notoriously hard to get a reaction from? Simply by twisting the dildo through 180 degrees and comparing the feeling of the smooth side, you realise that those X shapes really do make a big impact when they’re facing the right way. You combine this flexibility in the material with these little bits of texture and ‘magic’ really is the best way to describe what it does, because it will have your prostate singing.
It’s an experience that I really wasn’t expecting when I first got hold of the Amsterdam, but every time I’ve used it I haven’t been disappointed. If you compare it to something like the Silk, or the Buzz, it really is miles ahead. Those are nice enough toys but they don’t excite me. The Amsterdam excites me. I especially like to thrust quickly with it, bringing the ridge and the texture back and forth over the prostate as many times as possible, delivering the maximum amount of sensation, and this is again made possible by the soft silicone. You can’t go “too deep” with the Amsterdam, because that squishy tip cushions any impact with the top of the rectum, so you can be as rough as you like with no fear of pain or injury. Interestingly for me, as someone who likes a feeling of fullness, I didn’t really notice its absence until I stopped and thought about it. Clearly from its girth it’s not going to be the most filling toy in the world, nor give you a stretch if you like that, but I didn’t find myself craving any of that as I often do. It’s almost proof that size doesn’t matter, because I was so absorbed by what it was doing to my prostate, and concentrating on all those feelings, that there wasn’t space left in my mind to think “perhaps it could be bigger”, and to not be left wanting more is only a good thing.
I don’t know whether this dildo is a happy accident or a piece of engineering genius, but I’m certainly glad that it exists, and that I own it. It manages to combine an interesting design story, a funky appearance, and functionality that keeps me coming back for more. All I can say is that I want more dildos in this vein. How about a bright red one next in the shape of a British post box, with a crown stamped on the front? I think we’re onto something here. I really am one who loves to be surprised by a toy, and this one has done precisely that. It’s also why I love reviewing, because if I hadn’t tried it for myself I might easily have overlooked it just on appearance alone, and now I have the opportunity to guide others away from doing just that. It might also come as a surprise to many that out of the Amsterdam and the Slow Drive, it was in fact this dildo that sent me into prostate heaven, and not the other way around.
So recommendation time. If you have a prostate then please buy this dildo, you’ll thank me. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. It really is an awesome find. I’m tempted now to try out the large as well, just to see what that has in store.
The Amsterdam is available directly from Tantus right now, and they really deserve my thanks for sending me this one.

If you’re in the UK then you can also grab it from UberKinky