Testimonial: Esmale

I realised recently that I haven’t written a testimonial about a new store since 2012, back when I started this blog, so I thought I’d change that today and talk about Esmale. This post is long overdue really, because if you ever read my Fleshjack dildo reviews then I’m always suggesting that people buy them from Esmale, so I should go into a bit more detail about why I like them.
I first encountered Esmale a couple of years ago when I had my eye on three very specific toys that I wanted to review: the Brent Corrigan Fleshjack dildo, the Oxballs Cocksling, and the Oxballs Silicone Urethral Sounds. I was searching the Internet for anywhere that sold them, looking for the best price, and I happened upon Esmale which had all three. Not only were they in stock, but they were competitively priced, available with free shipping, and I had a code to get an extra 15% off, so I couldn’t resist taking a chance and trying a new store, and I’ve been shopping there ever since.
So who are Esmale exactly? Esmale is a UK-based store that specialises in sex toys for men, and more specifically gay men. That’s pretty much perfect for someone like me because all their product lines are aimed at my demographic, which means less time spent wading through artificial vaginas and clitoral stimulators when I’m searching for something new to try. It’s always useful to have a store that caters to your particular niche, so let’s look at some more of the reasons that I love to shop with Esmale:
Esmale has easily one of the best selections of Fleshjack dildos available in the UK. As you’ll know Fleshjack makes my absolute favourite realistic dildos, but many of the bigger stores don’t seem to stock them at all, and those that do often have no more than 3 or 4 at most. Esmale currently offers an impressive 9 to choose from, which accounts for 50% of the available models after Fleshjack recently increased their roster to 18 guys. That’s a better choice than nearly anywhere else in the UK.
Esmale offer very competitive prices on their products, which is especially important to me in relation to those Fleshjack dildos, which tend to be some of the most overpriced items on other sites. Esmale sells Fleshjack dildos currently for £40.49, while other stores typically ask for between £50-£60. Add to that the fact that Esmale frequently has sales on, and sends out discount codes through their newsletter, and you can look to save 15% on the list price, guaranteeing a bargain compared to buying the same product elsewhere.
Free shipping is something that comes as standard at Esmale, and in my experience orders arrive very quickly, and always packed securely inside a completely discreet brown box. This is always a bonus, because who wants to spend money on postage when you could be using it to buy more sex toys?
Customer service and returns are handled very well at Esmale. If you’ll recall from my review of the Oxballs Cocksling I had a slight problem with first one, so I e-mailed them to enquire about it, and they put a new one in the post for me straight away, alone with a pre-paid envelope so I could return the other one at my own convenience. It was completely efficient and a stress-free experience.
Esmale isn’t a site that’s shy about sexuality; if you’re wondering exactly how a particular cock ring is supposed to be worn, then there’ll be a photo of a model right there on the page demonstrating it in full detail. The lack of coyness is quite refreshing, and it really does give you a clear idea about certain products and what to expect from them. 
Esmale even runs its own rewards programme, so every time you spend money you accumulate points which can then be used to get a discount the next time you go back. For every £1 you spend you earn a point, and for every 30 points you collect you can get £1 off, which is around three times more generous than some supermarket loyalty schemes.
These are all the main reasons that I like to recommend shopping as Esmale, and the reasons that I keep going back. In fact the last two toys that I bought with my own money were both from Esmale: my Dolph Lambert and Mick Lovell dildos.


So I urge to you to check out Esmale next time you’re looking to buy a new toy, and as a special reward for being one of my readers you can even get an extra 10% off at Esmale, just by entering the code ‘PSPOT10‘ at the checkout when you place your order.