Make Me a Sex Toy

There comes a point when you’ve tried as many different sex toys as I have that you start to get a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t, from the shape of things to their functionality, and you begin to wish you could make little changes to the products you already own, or even combine the features of two toys together to create something entirely new.
I thought I might try out a new segment on my blog called “Make Me a Sex Toy”, where I cobble together something that I’d like to see in the future, something that I’d put into production if I worked for one of these companies, and here’s the first instalment.

Last night during a period of mild insomnia I thought to myself “I wish We-Vibe would make a prostate massager”, and then I proceeded to design the entire thing in my mind. I chose We-Vibe because they make a selection of compact, high-quality, and very powerful vibrators, which are exactly the sort of things I look for in a prostate massager, so it would seem to be the ideal region for them to branch out into without too much trouble.
  • The shape of the prostate massager is something which I would co-opt entirely from the Jopen Ego E4. That toy had many shortcomings, but the the inverted-7 or L-shape was by far its stand-out feature. It was a compact size which fit nicely inside the body without poking you anywhere unwanted, yet its bulbous ends applied a firm pressure to both the prostate and the perineum, while the narrow neck made it comfortable to wear long-term without slippage.
  • Similarly my material choice would be the same: a firm hard plastic core with a velvety silicone coating, though you’ll notice I opted for a different colour. The rigidity of a plastic core maintains that pressure on the prostate, where something more flexible would not. It increases the ease of insertion, and it better transmits vibrations. The silicone coating makes the toy more hygienic by virtue of being non-porous and sterilisable, and it also contributes to the sense of comfort by having some give in the surface and warming with body heat.
  • The toy would employ a magnetic charging system, primarily because I prefer them, but also because they’re easy to use and ensure the waterproof nature of the item. I would locate the contacts on the underside of the toy where they would be completely out of the way during use.
  • The power button would be on the front of the toy where it’s easily accessible during use, similar to the placement that Rocks Off use, and to allow you to sit down while wearing the toy without accidentally hitting the button as would occur if it were underneath.
  • The motor would be at the tip of the insertable portion to ensure the full force of the vibrations were inside the body and directed at the prostate. I probably would not bother with a second motor in the perineum arm as I view this as mostly unnecessary and an added cost, not to mention the issues surrounding trying to fit two powerful motors and a battery into such a small device.


  • The motor would be identical to the one used in the We-Vibe Salsa / Tango due to it being the most powerful and rumbly vibrator of its size that I’ve experienced, and thus should be able to deliver the sort of vibrations needed to really have an impact on the prostate.
  • The modes would be the same as in the Salsa / Tango: four incrementally increasing speeds and four different vibration patterns. The ability to adjust the strength of vibrations doesn’t require the precision of a sliding scale in a prostate massager, thus discrete levels should more than suffice, and the inclusion of vibration patterns is an absolute must.
  • There would be a single button on the device used to turn it on/off and to cycle through the settings, so as not to clutter the design, and to increase ease of use when pressing a button in a location that can’t readily be seen. The button would also allow for locking the device during travel.
I think that really these are all the key points I’d like to see fulfilled in my ideal compact, wearable, prostate massager, and if anyone ever builds something like this then I’d be eager to try it. Is there anything that you’d like to see in your ideal prostate massager?

Update: Lelo released the Hugo and Bruno prostate massagers in 2015, which fulfil this concept.