Give Lube Oral Pleasure Gels.

Recently one of my favourite lubrication companies, Give Lube – makers of the fantastic Premium Aqua Gel and Silicone+, sent me a couple of samples of their all new Oral Pleasure Gels, and you can find out what I thought of them after the jump!

The Oral Pleasure Gels are a new concept from Give Lube, designed to add a little extra flavour to oral sex, be it with a male or female partner. It’s the sort of thing you can use just for a bit of fun, or even to disguise your partner’s natural taste if you’re not so keen on it.

The Gels are available in two different flavours, Raspberry Kiss and Cheeky Cherry, and come in nice big 100ml bottles with tasteful packaging. 
I don’t have a great deal of experience with flavoured lube, aside from the odd sachet I’ve picked up here and there, but I was honestly blown away by how the Oral Pleasure Gel tastes. It doesn’t taste anything like how you might imagine a flavoured lube to; there’s nothing artificial about it nor any strange undertones or aftertaste. It just tastes like a really high quality fruit syrup that you might pick up to pour over your ice cream in the summer. It has this deep sweet flavour to it that’s very prominent, rather than just an after thought, and it’s accompanied by this delightful aroma that emanates from the bottle as soon as you pop the cap, giving you a treat for all your senses. I never thought I’d describe a lube as being “moreish” but honestly it is, and that can really only mean good things for the person whose bodyparts you’re slathering it over, after all no one ever asked for less time to be spent performing oral sex on them.
Of the two flavours the Raspberry Kiss is my favourite, but that’s simply because raspberry is my favourite fruit flavour in general, and the Pleasure Gel replicates that unmistakably. The Cheeky Cherry is the slightly less sweet of the two, and has that familiar cherry tang to it, rather reminding me of the cherry sweets you get in packs of Haribo.
The gels are moderately thick, allowing you to give your partner a good coating with it, rather than it being too runny and dripping down the shaft and congregating in the public hair, so it’s going to stay in the places you most want to suck and lick it of off. In terms of it being a lube it actually functions really well in that regard too, which is perfect if you want to give your mouth a little rest and stimulate your partner by hand for a while. It feels really smooth and slippery and is quite long-lasting, provided you don’t get too enthusiastic during the oral stage and devour it all. The only time it starts to get sticky is if you leave it on the skin for too long and it begins to dry, but realistically I can’t see that happening because it tastes too good to waste any.
In keeping with Give Lube’s philosophy of creating high quality safe products the Oral Pleasure Gels are paraben-free, dermatologically tested, CE marked, and of a medical quality. They’re as natural as possible and contain no superfluous ingredients. One thing they do contain is glycerin, but this is not the same as sugar, so it’s perfectly safe to use with female anatomy without any risk of sugar-induced infections. Personally it’s not something that I’d use primarily for penetrative sex, just because it seems like a waste to use something flavoured where you can’t taste it, and because of that slight stickiness that develops in the later stages. If you’re going straight from oral to penetration then there’s no need to wash it off, and you can just top up with some Premium Aqua Gel or Silicone+, of course if you’re in a pinch and you’ve run out of both of those then the Pleasure Gel is a fine alternative.
I always like to mention that Give Lube is a local British company, based in Bristol. Personally I’m very into localism, and I try to support companies as close to home as much as possible, and with such a fantastic range of products as Give Lube you really can feel good about doing so. So many of our sex toys and lubricants originate in the United States, so it’s nice to get behind people looking to pioneer something in the U.K.
Overall I have to say that I’m a big fan of these new Oral Pleasure Gels, and if I had to recommend one flavoured lube to someone then this would be my choice. I honestly can’t wait to see what the guys from Give Lube come up with next, because so far everything they do seems to be a winner. I have to thank them for sending me the free samples too, even though I took longer to review them than I would have liked.
You can buy the Oral Pleasure Gels from in both Raspberry Kiss and Cheeky Cherry.