Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug

I was very fortunate last week to receive a box of review samples in the post from the nice people at Planet Earth Wholesale – the UK distributor of the Perfect Fit brand of toys.
Amongst the items was included a type of toy that I’ve actually been interested in trying out for a while a now – a Tunnel Plug. A Tunnel Plug is in essence just a butt plug, but with a slight twist, and that is that unlike most plugs it’s not solid right the way through, instead having a hollow centre which runs from end to end. I’m a sucker for anything which defies the norm, so I was curious to see how this could be put to use.
Check out the review below!

The Tunnel Plug is one of Perfect Fit’s signature products in their range of toys aimed at men, and it comes available in a choice of three sizes varying from medium through to extra large, as well as a selection of three different colours: red, black or clear, meaning there should be a combination out there which suits most people’s tastes. I was sent one of the medium size which measures in at 6 1/2″ in circumference, making it still a rather sizable toy even whilst being the smallest option, and I was fortunate enough to get it in red too – my favourite sex toy colour.
The Tunnel Plug is made from something known as “PFBlend” – Perfect Fit’s own proprietary material which is described on the packaging with the words “stretches like TPR, durable and safe like silicone.” As with any proprietary product it does remain a bit of a mystery what the actual composition of it is, but it does seem to be a really nice high quality material. Much like with silicone it’s a completely odourless and tasteless product, and that’s always an important factor for me with any toy, and generally a good indicator that something’s safe for the body. In terms of its physical properties the material has a nice amount of flex to it, as well as plenty of give in the surface, but at the same time its strong enough to be able to hold its shape and counteract any weakness which might come from having a hollow centre.
The construction of the plug is done to a really high standard with a nice uniform result. The surface of the material is smooth and shiny, with only a very faint mould line to break it up, and this is subtle enough to barely be felt. The material is slightly translucent giving it an attractive appearance, but which allows you to tell that the inside of the toy is free from any air bubbles, as well as the outside being clear of surface defects. I’m pleased to say that I really can’t fault the manufacturing at all.

The design of the Tunnel Plug is largely similar to any standard butt plug in terms of its external shape, with the only major difference being the noticeable absence of a tip. Because of the internal passageway it’s not possible to have a full tapered point on the plug, and instead it’s forced to stop short, leaving the end rather blunt. This aspect of the design also has an impact the plug’s size, and the lack of tip leaves it at a rather stubby 3 1/8″ in total height, with only 2 3/4″ actually insertable. Starting at the flat end of the plug, which measures 1 1/2″ across, it very quickly broadens out to the widest part of the bulb, before then gently rounding off and merging into the neck. The neck itself isn’t much narrower than the bulb, measuring 4 7/8″ around, but this is understandable given that it must accommodate the hollow section within it. The total length of the neck is just over an inch, which is in my opinion the ideal size, and this then joins onto oval-shaped base which is flared to ensure that the plug is completely anal safe. The tunnel running through the centre of the plug is only 1″ in width as it’s surrounded by sturdy walls which measure no less than 1/4″ thick.

When it comes to inserting the plug it does require the use of a warm-up toy first, as the end is simply too blunt to comfortably manage otherwise, meaning it’s not a toy that you want to rush with. With sufficient preparations taken care of beforehand it’s a very comfortable affair, and the bulb of the plug manages to hold its shape well as it slides into position, without deforming beneath the pressure of the sphincter in the process. Because of the shape of the plug, and the fact that the neck isn’t significantly narrower than the bulb, it doesn’t anchor itself inside the body that securely. It stays in place well for the most part, but if you allow yourself to relax too much then it will start working its way out with little provocation, so it’s worth giving the occasional clench of the sphincter to pull it back into position. The fit of the plug inside the body is quite interesting, because it doesn’t behave altogether how you might imagine it to if you’ve never used something like this before. It sits comfortably inside the rectum, with plenty of space along the neck for the sphincter to rest, and it manages to retain its shape entirely despite any pressure placed on it from the surrounding muscle, thus leaving the central tunnel completely clear and not caved in on itself. What tends to happen when you’re wearing the plug is that some of the soft tissue of the rectum will block off the far end, and even bulge out slightly into the interior of the tunnel. You don’t quite get a direct passage deeper into the body like you may have been expecting, and inserting a finger through the plug doesn’t reveal a void, but instead you feel this soft spongy tissue. I suppose that one of the advantages of this is that you needn’t worry about anything involuntarily exiting the body whilst you’re wearing the plug, as it does a good job of sealing off one end by itself. Perfect Fit do actually make a longer version of the tunnel plug, and I’d be curious to see how the two compare in this regard. If you’re planning to wear the plug for long term then I’m happy to stay that it is a comfortable piece. The stubby nature of it means that it isn’t overly filling, so you should be able to leave it in and almost forget about it, and the oval-shaped base nestles very comfortably between the buttocks, with no pointed edges to dig in or annoy you.

The fact that the plug is designed with a tunnel through it does sort of beg the question “what can the tunnel be used for?” and I’m still pondering that one myself. Aside from the novelty factor of its presence, and being able to peer into your insides, one would think that it might have a more practical purpose. The size of the opening and the fact that the material isn’t overly stretchy means that you can’t insert a lot through it, certainly not a penis, and I don’t possess any dildos small enough for the job. The only thing I could think of that might fit is a set of moulded anal beads, but beads are intended really for stimulating the sphincter, so I’m not sure what you’d get out of the experience. I imagine that you may be able to incorporate it with some douching kits, though the nozzle would need to be long enough to pass through the whole plug and gently move out of the way the tissue blocking the end. A kit which attaches to a shower hose might be your best bet. I have seen videos of this particular plug being used for watersports, so that’s a distinct possibility if you have a partner with whom you share that interest, and in a similar vein I suppose it could have its uses for medical play. If anyone has any other thoughts then pop them in the comments section below as I’d love to hear them.

The plug is really simple to clean when you’re done, and a quick wash with some antibacterial soap and hot water should do the trick. Alternatively a spray of toy cleaner, or the use of a toy wipe, is equally sufficient. The material doesn’t seem to cling onto odours at all, which is always great for anything being used anally, so you can toss it in your toy drawer safe in the knowledge that it’ll be fresh as daisy next time you want it.

Overall I’d say that I’d be happy to recommend the Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug to anyone. It’s really well made from a quality material, it’s comfortable to use, and it holds its shape in the way it’s intended to. All that remains is for you to find your own use for it, but if you’re looking for a hollow plug then look no further as you really can’t go wrong with this one.

The Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug is available Simply Pleasure, and from Esmale, where you can get an extra 10% off when you use the code ‘INCEND10’ at the checkout.