Dual-Density Dildos

One of my favourite types of sex toy on the market today is the dual-density dildo, and the simple reason for this is that they offer an unparalleled sense of realism, something which you’ll almost struggle to believe until the first time you try one for yourself. 
What makes dual-density dildos so special is that they’re designed in such a way that they have a firm-yet-flexible inner core, surrounded by a layer of soft squishy material on the outside. It works in much the same way as a real penis, where the shaft is solid during an erection, while the head remains spongy. It’s not something which many of us ever give much thought to, but this particular feature of the penis exists so as to facilitate comfortable intercourse for the receptive partner; the spongy head acts like a shock absorber, cushioning any accidental impact caused by over-vigorous thrusting, and the dual-density dildos mimic this perfectly.
The combination of material densities in these dildos gives a wonderfully natural feeling, even if you’re just using them by yourself, and that can be reason enough to buy one; there’s nothing at all alien about the way in which it feels, so you can really lose yourself in the moment, rather than being conscious that you’re using an inanimate object. They’re especially good for anal use, and even more so for beginners, because they’re so gentle; the squishy head doesn’t apply too much force to the sphincter as you’re trying to insert it, allowing it to enter smoothly without coming as a shock, and once is it inserted that soft layer around the shaft absorbs the force of any clenching of the tight muscle against it. Where the dual-density dildos really shine though has to be in use with a partner for strap-on play. When you’re using any dildo by yourself you’re always conscious of your own limits, and are able to control the depth of insertion, but when a partner is in control this isn’t so easy. Here is a prime example again of when the squishy head really works to your advantage, because when an over-excited partner goes a little too deep it’s not going to feel like a battering ram to the guts like it may with something more solid, instead that soft tip is going to take that force and you’ll just feel a little pressure inside instead.
At present there are two manufacturers of dual-density dildos, Tantus and Vixen Creations, and they each make them slightly differently, but one thing they have in common is what they make them from – silicone. Silicone is a wonderful material, not only because of its versatility which allows it to be made in different levels of firmness, but also because of its reputation as a safe material. With a high quality silicone product you can guarantee a number of important things: that it’s odourless, and by extension tasteless, that it’s non-porous, allowing it to be sterilised and shared between partners, and that it won’t leach out any toxic chemicals into the body. Another great fact about silicone is how it reacts to heat. I’ve been talking a lot about how natural and realistic these dildos feel, and this is just another example of that; when you’re using a silicone product you’ll find that the material will steadily suck up heat from the body until it reaches equilibrium, and the result is that you’ll be using a nice warm dildo which feels exactly the same temperature as your body – or indeed the same temperature as though it were someone else’s body.
The first dual-density dildo I tried was from Tantus, and you can easily identify the products in their dual-density range by looking for the characters “O2” after the names. I currently have two, the Max O2 and the Adam O2. The core of the Tantus O2 dildos is made from the same type of silicone as the majority of their other products, so it has a nice amount of rigidity to it and holds its shape well, but you can still flex it about without too much effort. The shaft is covered with a fairly thin layer of the “SuperSoft” silicone, but it’s distributed so that it’s slightly thicker along the underside of the dildo, which is the area of a real penis through which the urethra would run, making this attention to detail especially realistic. The core extends only around 1/3 of the way into the head, leaving the rest of it made entirely from the softer silicone. The SuperSoft material really is lovely and squishy, not as much as the soft tissue would be on a real penis, but enough to give the right effect. In terms of visual appearance the Tantus O2 dildos do have one nice quirk, which is that they’re dual finish as well as dual-density; the head has a completely smooth and shiny surface, while the shaft is slightly matte, again aimed at making it appear more natural. Aside from that the dildos aren’t terribly detailed, and at most you’ll spot a subtle vein along the shaft, or a wrinkle of skin below the head marking the location of the frenulum. The dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs, including some with balls and some without. The Max O2 is long, thick, and straight as an arrow, while the Adam O2 is thinner, shorter, and curved especially for prostate stimulation, and amongst the rest of the range you’re sure to find something perfect.
Vixen Creations take a slightly different approach to designing their dual-density dildos to Tantus, and I currently have four of them: the Randy, the Maverick, the Johnny, and the Outlaw. Vixen make their dildos from a type of silicone which they call “VixSkin”, and this is all round softer than that used by Tantus. The inner core of the dildos has a much greater degree of flex to it; it’s enough for the dildos to comfortably hold their shape, but place them in a harness and you’re much more likely to notice a droop in shaft. The outer layer of soft silicone is also much thicker around the shaft than on a Tantus dildo, which takes away a little of the realism, but does make it slightly more comfortable during use. Again the softer silicone has more squish to it, and almost the entire tip of dildo is made from it, so if you were to take the head between your thumb and forefinger and squeeze, then it would compress far more than on the Tantus. This extra softness does have its pros and cons: it definitely adds additional cushioning inside the body during use, but in terms of insertion, sometimes the material just moves and stretches around when pressed against a tight orifice, rather than going inside, which can be a slight hindrance if you weren’t planning on using a warm-up toy. In terms of appearance the Vixen dildos are markedly more detailed than the Tantus ones; there are plenty of veins along the shaft, folds of a retracted foreskin, and wrinkles along the balls (on those dildos which have them). This does give them a slight edge as they are very impressive to look at. Some of the dildos even include a suction cup built into the base which is a wonderful idea and very useful to have. There’s really good variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours to pick from, so again you’ll find one to suit your individual needs, or even several if you’re like me.
I have to say that I really do love both the Tantus and Vixen dual-density dildos, and I wouldn’t like to pick a favourite between them, if anything I like that they’re different, because each will suit divergent tastes. I hope now it’s clearer why I’m so convinced that dual-density dildos are amongst some of the best sex toys available today, and I also hope that it’ll make picking the one that’s right for you a little easier.