Doc Johnson Double Header

A long time ago I watched a video on the Internet of a young guy inserting an entire 12″ long beige dildo into his body, and at the time I was strangely fascinated by the sight. Years later I recognised that that dildo had in fact been the Doc Johnson Double Header, so I thought it might be fun to get hold of one for a review.
I’m always intrigued by people who can get anal toys really deep, because my own body seems to have a natural limit of around 5 1/2″ for anything thicker than anal beads. If this dildo was bendy enough for one man to accomplish an impressive feat with, then who knows what my take on it might be. Read the review after the jump!

The Doc Johnson Double Header is a 12″ long double-ended dildo, designed primarily to be used by couples, but can also be enjoyed by individuals by themselves. It’s a semi-realistic, phallic-shaped, dildo with a glans-like head at each end and a veined shaft running between. The general appearance is rather like someone took two Originals and glued them together, only the girth is slightly less measuring 5″ in circumference. The dildo comes in a choice of two colours: an insipid beige or a jet black, neither of which is especially inspired. The level of detail on the dildo is quite minimal, and even the veins themselves aren’t that pronounced. There are a couple of creases on the underside of each head to mark out the frenulum, but other than that the surface of the material is completely smooth, only interrupted by the Doc Johnson logo embossed on one side.
The dildo is made from Doc Johnson’s unique PVC Silagel, which is a material I’ve had in the past but not one of my favourites. The PVC tends to be a bit softer and more flexible than your standard Silicone composition, though it feels slightly more firm compared to the SuperSoft material in the Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play. If you hold it by one end then it really flops about just to give you an idea of the flexibility. The construction of the Double Header isn’t bad, but it’s one of the less-perfect toys I’ve owned. There are a few creases, dents, and associated anomalies from the moulding process, but these are simply aesthetic; In all other regards it’s a solid toy that’s going to stay in one piece. There are a few downsides to the PVC, and the first and foremost is the smell. It really does give off a pretty intense chemical smell, and this doesn’t dissipate even if you leave it to air out somewhere. At first it doesn’t seem especially unpleasant because it doesn’t have a bad smell from which you would instinctively recoil, but after a while it does become more offensive as the continuing aroma of chemicals in the air overwhelms the olfactory senses. The smell also has a nasty habit of transferring to your hands after you’ve touched it, making it even harder to escape. The next negative for the material is that the surface has a strange greasy/sticky feeling to it when you touch it. Once it’s covered in lube and inside you you won’t notice this, but when you’re holding it for thrusting it’s apparent. The final point is that the material can stain, well if you have it in beige it can. I let mine rest atop a sheet of paper onto which something was written in marker pen, and a dot of the dry ink somehow transferred onto the side of the dildo and wouldn’t wash off. Aside from these things the PVC is a relatively safe material as it’s phthalate-free, and the Silagel contains antibacterial properties, so you needn’t worry about putting it in your body.
When it comes to using the dildo the rounded head and modest girth helps it to slip into the body with relative ease. The softness of the material makes it especially comfortable to insert, but you will need to hold it around the midpoint of the shaft to guide it in more readily, and avoid it bending about too much rather than going where it’s intended. Once the dildo’s partially inserted you can feel it readily flexing around inside the rectum as you push it deeper, until it gently pushes up against the top of the rectum and greets you with a prod. If you are aiming to use it for a deep insertion then unfortunately it doesn’t perform quite as well as might be hoped. Even though the dildo isn’t that thick and is reasonably flexible, it’s still a little bit too thick and too inflexible to readily snake around the sharp right-angle at the top of the rectum and pass into the sigmoid colon. The other issue is that the tip of the dildo is blunt and rounded, whereas something tapered would pass more readily through the internal sphincter which separates the rectum from the large intestine. With enough thick anal lube, and enough persistence, it is possible to get the dildo deeper, but it requires quite a lot of pressure being applied to it. Thankfully the softer material does cushion this pressure to an extent, but it’s still not the most comfortable experience to go through. The most I ever managed was 8″ before I felt I had to stop, and since then I’ve found those results hard to replicate. I’d have to conclude that it’s not the ideal tool to use to train yourself to take something deep anally, though as I’ve yet to find something that is ideal in this regard it actually ranks as the toy that I’ve managed to make the most progress with, so it still has its uses if you have enough determination.
If you plan to use the dildo for more typical play then it can actually be quite enjoyable to thrust with. It’s not the most filling dildo to use, and you don’t really feel the texture, but as far as the slimmer and smoother dildos go you can get a pretty satisfying in and out sensation going on. If you were hoping for prostate stimulation then you’ll probably be disappointed. The one really awkward thing about any double-ended dildo is trying to put it down during or after use; due to the lack of base to stand it up on you’re left with something lube-covered which needs to be constantly held onto until you can toss it into the sink, else it’s going to make a mess over the furniture. There’s always the option to place it back in the packaging, however, just so long as you don’t mind washing that too.
Care and maintenance is something of an important point for this toy. PVC is a slightly porous material, so the dildo can never be completely sterilised, even with the antibacterial Silagel there. For this reason you don’t want to share it with more than one partner, and even with only one partner you may wish to designate separate ends of the dildo for each of you and always stick to using those. One area where you want to be extra careful to clean thoroughly is the embossed logo on the shaft; this is a prime spot for lube and other bodily matter to get caught, so you need to be sure that everything is scrubbed out when you’re washing it.
Overall I’d say that if you’re just looking for a long and inexpensive dildo for you to mess around with by yourself, and you don’t mind the smell of PVC, then the Double Header could be a good choice for you. For use with a partner, personally I wouldn’t do it. It just seems a little bit too cheap for a romantic evening, and for me I know the smell would kill the atmosphere. It definitely has its uses, you just need to decide if those fit your circumstances.
You can buy the Doc Johnson Double Header from  Lovehoney.