njoy Pure Plug 2.0

Ever since I bought the Metal Worx Teazer I’ve been eager to try out another metal toy, and this time I decided to sample something from njoy, and picked the lovely Pure Plug 2.0. Read the review after the jump!

The Pure Plug 2.0 is easily one of the most beautiful toys in my entire collection. There’s something incredibly sculptural about the form of the whole design, and it looks as though it belongs in a display case where all can gaze upon it, rather than remaining hidden from sight inside its box.

The Pure Plugs are available in 4 sizes, with the 2.0 being the largest. From end to end the whole thing measures 5″ in length, with 3 3/4″ being insertable, which may seem a little on the short side. Around the middle the widest point has a 5 3/4″ circumference, which makes it suited to the more advanced anal toy user.

The design of the 2.0 has an interesting shape to it, with the bulb portion almost being like a strawberry. Interestingly the cross-section of it isn’t circular, with the diameter measuring 2″ across one axis and 1 3/4″ along the other. This actually aids insertion because the narrower width will slide more readily between the buttocks. One noticeable difference between the 2.0 and the other Pure Plugs is that the 2.0 has 4 depressions in its surface. Presumably these exist to reduce the amount of material in the plug, both helping to reduce the weight of it and the cost. Because of these it almost looks like one of those implements you might use in the kitchen to juice a lemon. Attached to the bulb is a good length neck, which quickly narrows by a significant amount. The neck features a strong curve to it, which really angles the bulb upwards relative to the handle which sits at the end. The handle is a simple oval-shaped loop attached to the neck, and which can easily accommodate two fingers being slipped through it during use.

The Pure Plug 2.0 is made from high quality stainless steel, which means that it’ll never tarnish, rust, nor corrode in any other way. The quality of construction is absolutely impeccable, without a seam or defect in sight. The whole surface has a polished mirror-like finish which glints in the light, and which is completely free from scratches. As it is metal the plug is expectedly heavy, and feels almost like a small shot-put resting in the palm of your hand. Because metal is such an excellent conductor of heat the plug naturally feels cold, even at room temperature. If you prefer a warmer plug then you need only leave it in a basin of hot water for a few seconds and it’ll instantly suck up the heat. If you enjoy the coldness then plunging it into a bucket of ice water, or leaving it in the freezer, will chill it to perfection.

Using the plug is a fantastically enjoyable experience. Because the end is fairly blunt, and quickly tapers up to its maximum size, you may want to use another toy to warm up first, but it is possible to insert it alone if you’re patient. The plug feels very comfortable sliding in, despite its size and firm material, and the polished surface really aids this by eliminating any friction. The depressions on the surface don’t feel at all apparent, and once you push the plug past the widest point you can suddenly feel it being sucked inside and coming to rest. The size of the plug feels satisfyingly filling, and I would definitely suggest it to anyone who’s used to a plug of this size in other materials. Had I gone for a smaller Pure Plug then I’m certain I would have felt some disappointment. When the plug is inside it sits right up against the prostate in the ideal position, thanks both to the length of it and the curvature in the neck. The slimline handle fits comfortably and discreetly between the buttocks, and feels completely unobtrusive, all while acting to prevent the plug from disappearing into the body entirely. Because the handle doesn’t protrude too far it’s actually possible to sit down while wearing the plug, just so long as it’s on a cushioned surface such as a bed or soft armchair. Interestingly while the plug is very heavy its weight is barely noticeable when it’s inside the body. The plug also stays in place extremely well thanks to the size difference between the narrow neck and the wide bulb. There’s absolutely no sensation that the plug is trying to slip out under its own weight, so you can walk around while wearing it, and go about your business, with no need to constantly clench the sphincter to hold it in place. The handle makes it really easy to gently thrust with the plug and use it to massage the prostate, and also to pull the plug out of the body and get a satisfying pop. It’s also ideal if you want to use it on a partner, or vice versa. The metal of the plug holds temperature really well, so you can get a delightful chill from inserting it into the body when it’s cold, but then it rapidly absorbs body heat and warms up to a point where it feels really natural inside the body. It’s definitely one of the enjoyable plugs that I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The plug comes packaged inside a lovely presentation box which really gives at an air of luxury. There’s a thin white cardboard sleeve around the box to protect it from scuffs, and the box itself is an elegant plain black, with a bevelled edge, and the njoy logo embossed into one corner in metal leaf. The box is hinged at one side and opens up to reveal the plug sitting nestled amongst folds of a raspberry satin. It’s extremely decadent, and treats the plug almost like a piece of exquisite jewellery.

To care for the plug you simply need to wash it with soap and water after use, though as it’s metal you can sterilise it by either boiling it for a couple of minutes in a pan of water, or by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. Whatever you do, never use an abrasive cleaner on it as you risk doing permanent damage to the finish. Simply polish it with a very soft cloth once it’s dry to keep it’s pristine appearance.

Overall I’m absolutely delighted with the Pure Plug 2.0 and would recommend it to everyone. If you think it might be too large for your needs then consider trying one of the smaller models, as everyone needs a Pure Plug in their life.

The Pure Plug 2.0 is available in the UK & Europe from Lovehoney UK.

Internationally from SheVibe and Lovehoney USA