Oxballs Cocksling

I’ve become interested in Oxballs products as of late as they always seem so unusual and creative, so I decided to try out one of their Cockslings as I’ve heard great things about them. I’m not really a fan of cock rings, but this just seemed different somehow.

It’s hard to explain exactly what the Cocksling is because it’s a rather unique product, but essentially it’s a form of cock ring. I like to think of it as like a little piece of armour for the penis and testicles, something you might put on your steed before taking it into battle, because that’s what it reminds me of whenever I see one being worn.
The Cocksling comes in the same minimal packaging that I mentioned in my review of the Oxballs Urethral Sounds. The product is heat-sealed inside a small, clear, polythene bag which bears no branding, nor has a sticker on it denoting what the product is. There’s also noticeably an absence of any pamphlet explaining instructions for use or how to care for the product. If you’re environmentally conscious and a fan of minimal packaging then you might appreciate this, but I would have preferred a little something extra.
Unlike most Oxballs products which are made of silicone, the Cocksling is instead made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR), so you have to figure they have a good reason for using it. This reason becomes apparent when you realise just how stretchy this material is, much more so than any silicone that I’ve encountered. TPR is a safe material, though less highly regarded than silicone because it is slightly porous, but considering this isn’t an insertable toy I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The only real downside to the material is that it does have an odour, something that reminds me of an obscure alcoholic drink with just a hint of a chemical undertone. You’re probably not going to spend a lot of time sniffing it considering where it’s worn, and thankfully the smell dissipates almost entirely after a few days of leaving it to air out somewhere ventilated.
The construction quality of the Cocksling is generally pretty good. There are several mould-lines and creases along the surface so it’s not perfect, but these aren’t that noticeable and don’t spoil the overall aesthetic. I did notice in mine a slight defect where there was a small split along one of the joins where the toy was fused together, leading me to worry that it may widen with repeated stretching, so I ended up returning it for a replacement just to be safe, and the new one was fine. Two of the openings in the Cocksling feature a slight divot, designed to accommodate the corpus spongiosum – the third erection chamber of the penis through which the urethra runs. This is intended to reduce pressure on the urethra and allow ejaculation whilst the toy is being worn. There is some slight branding on the product, with the words “Oxballs” and “Cocksling” embossed on separate sides.
When it comes to putting on the Cocksling it’s important to get the orientation of it right. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve seen on Google image search of guys wearing it backwards. Start with it in the position shown in the image at the top of this post. The Cocksling has three holes: a wide angled-hole at the back which is designed to sit flush against the body, a rectangular hole at the front which the penis comes out of, and a circular hole at the bottom which the testicles hang through. Once you have that sorted you can put it on. It doesn’t matter really if you try to do this when you’re erect or flaccid as here is where the stretchy material comes into play. The material really does stretch incredibly; you could put your fist through the smallest hole and wear it like a bracelet if you desired. To start off simply pop your penis through the back hole and out of the front. With that taken care of you now need to get the balls into place, and while I had no trouble doing it the first time, in subsequent attempts I found it a little tricky. You need to stretch out the hole at the bottom and the hole at the back until you have a piece of material that looks like a strap, and then you simply hook this strap over and under the balls to slide them into place. This is easier said than done, and one thing you want to be sure of is that you get enough scrotal skin through the bottom hole to allow the testicles to pass through fully, otherwise when you let go of the material you may find your testicles getting stuck in the hole and squeezed. It’s one of those times when it would be useful to have an extra hand, so ask a partner to help if you have one.
Wearing the Cocksling is incredibly comfortable and a really pleasurable experience. The material fits snugly around the penis and testicles and doesn’t feel too tight at all. It’s like a constant gentle and reaffirming squeeze around the whole area. After you’ve put it on initially it can take a little adjustment of loose skin to get the fit just how you want it. In this instance the less pubic hair you have the better, as it can get caught when you’re trying to slide a finger under one of the rings to stretch it out while you move things around. The interesting thing about the Cocksling is that when you first put it on it has a tendency to pull the foreskin back and then hold the skin in place around the base of the shaft, preventing the shaft skin from being very mobile or able to slide back over the head again. This can be quite fun if you’ve always wanted to try out sex with a bare glans, but otherwise you can simply hold the Cocksling against the body and then slide some more skin through the hole at the front, and restore the normal functionality of your foreskin. Because the Cocksling is in many senses a cock ring it functions in the same manner and helps to keep blood in the penis and create a stronger erection, as well as gently pressing on the perineum. The separate hole for the testicles holds them slightly away from the body, instead of allowing them to become closely tucked up under the penis as they typically do prior to orgasm. This has the effect of making you slightly more aware of the balls, and the scrotum almost seems more sensitive to light touch. The Cocksling is great for use during all forms of sex, and even during masturbation, but one thing to note is that due to the design of it it does cover the bottom inch of the shaft, meaning you potentially lose that in insertable length. Like with any cock ring it’s advisable not to wear it for more than 30mins at a time in order to restore normal blood flow to the genitals; I had noticed that my balls has begun to feel slightly cold to the touch after prolonged use, so that’s probably a good indicator of when to stop. The Cocksling is very easy to take off when you’re done as it stretches out once more, but be careful not to get any hairs caught. I was surprised when I took it off how naked I suddenly felt; it felt very much like something was suddenly absent, and I missed the pleasurable squeeze it gave. 
To care for the Cocksling and prolong its life you want to avoid using oil-based lubricants when wearing it, and simply wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hot water after usage.
Overall I really love the Cocksling and would recommend it to anyone. It’s a fantastic creation which really feels great to wear. The only slight downside is the initial odour, but it’s not too bothersome. If you’re interested in a Cocksling but with an extra anal stimulator then check out my review of the Sparkplug
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It’s also available from UberKinky