Billy Boy Condoms

A PR company representing Billy Boy condoms contacted me and asked if I’d like some samples to review. I’ve never written a review for a condom before, but I’ll give anything a shot, and I’m always happy to promote sex safe.

Billy Boy are a German brand which have been around for quite a while on the Continent, but which are only now starting to branch out into new markets such as the UK.
The condoms come in packs of three and are packaged inside nice little cardboard boxes along with an information pamphlet. The packaging reminds me somewhat of those “Handy Boxes” of Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum that you can buy, as they are similar dimensions. The size is convenient enough to pop into a small bag and take with you anywhere.
One of the first things I noticed from the packaging was that on both the outside of the box, and on the enclosed pamphlet, was the statement “Billy Boy condoms are intended for vaginal intercourse only.” I found this a little strange so I asked the company about it and they assured me that all their condoms are CE marked, and therefore completely suitable for all types of sex. The reason for the statement is that legally they’re not allowed to say that their condoms are for use during anal sex unless they have conducted a special clinical trial, which they have not done to this date.
I was sent three different packs of the Billy Boy latex condoms: White, Protection, and Fun Selection.
The White variety are a transparent extra-sensitive condom with a soft fragrance. The idea of fragrancing a condom is a little novel to me, I suppose the usefulness of it depends on whether or not you plan to have the condom in the vicinity of your nose whilst someone is wearing it. The scent is rather perfume-like, and reminds me of those paper liners people used to put in their drawers to make the contents smell nice. The condoms are lubricated, though rather sparingly. There is no mention of what sort of lubricant is used, but the outside felt slightly greasy so I’m going to assume it’s silicone. If you’re having the sort of sex that requires lubrication then I wouldn’t rely on the condoms alone as the coating is very thin, so you’ll need to apply something extra. The White condoms are a thinner style of condom, described as “super sensitive” on the box, and I was pleased with their performance and how I responded to touch while wearing one. The fit of the condoms is generally good once they’re on, but I did find them to be a little tight initially when it came to rolling them down over the head of the penis and the shaft. Unfortunately I didn’t have a pack of their larger size to compare with, to see if that might have been more suitable for me.
The Protection variety are a transparent extra strong condom, which are also lubricated in the same manner as the White. In contrast to the White which are a thinner more sensitive condom, the Protection are a thicker condom for additional safety and peace of mind. The box states that they are 0.1mm in thickness, though they are the only ones which list this measurement anywhere, so it’s hard to compare mathematically. When wearing the condom there is a slight decrease in sensitivity, but it’s nothing major. Once you’re fully engaged in the sex you’re having it’s not something that you’re going to notice.
The Fun Selection is a pack of flavoured condoms which includes one black-coloured condom with a fruit flavour, and two red-coloured condoms with a strawberry flavour. The flavours are pleasant enough, but are quite delicate and don’t do much to mask the strong latex overtones that are inherently there. Personally I’m not a big fan of performing oral sex with a condom as it feels more like sucking on a piece of rubber than being intimate with someone, but if you’re inclined to do so then the flavour of the Fun Selection does go a way towards improving the experience.
Overall I’m pretty pleased by the Billy Boy condoms and I’d definitely consider grabbing more next time I’m out shopping for protection.
If you’d like to buy some for yourself then you can get these and more from Lovehoney in packs of 3 or 10.