Oxballs Silicone Urethral Sounds

It seems as though suddenly everyone is talking about sounding at the moment: it was all over the media during the coverage of the recent “porn trial”, Ruffled Sheets has been reviewing penis plugs, and I saw porn star Jesse Santana getting in on the action too.
I’ll admit it’s something that’s always fascinated me, but at the same time I’ve been a bit too squeamish to try it until now. Not wanting to miss out though I decided to give it a shot, but I thought I would take a different route to most. A while ago I saw this guy on XTube using a very unusual toy, and immediately I wanted to know what it was. A few Google searches later and I discovered it was a silicone sound from Oxballs, and when I saw that it also came in red I knew that it was the toy for me.

The Oxballs silicone urethral sounds are my first product from Oxballs – a brand known for creating some of the more outlandish toys on the market today. They come in a set of two, and the packaging is rather lacking to say the least. Both sounds are heat-sealed inside a small polythene bag together; the bag is clear, bears no branding, nor has a sticker on it denoting what the product is. There’s also noticeably an absence of any pamphlet explaining instructions for use or how to care for the product. If you’re environmentally conscious and a fan of minimal packaging then you might appreciate this, but I would have preferred a small box at least so I could store them there afterwards.
As the name suggests the sounds are in fact made from 100% platinum silicone, which is one of the safest materials on the market, and considering where these toys are intended to be inserted safety should be at the forefront of your mind. The silicone is quite firm if you squeeze it, which allows it to keep its shape well despite being so thin, but the thinness also makes it very flexible and able to be easily bent about as much as you desire. The sounds are constructed in three sections: the shaft, the left side of the hook, and the right side of the hook. This means that the shaft section is completely free from mould-lines, and the only mould-lines run around the length of the hook and in a ring where the hook meets the top of the shaft. The hook is lightly embossed with “Oxballs 2010©” which can only be noticed if you look carefully. Curiously the surface of the silicone has a matte finish, which gives it ever such a slight amount of texture. I find this odd because if they’d made it with a shiny surface then it would have been completely smooth, much like the polished finish of a typical metal sound. Even the smallest amount of texture will create friction, which I wouldn’t imagine is desirable in a toy such as this.
Both sounds are 5 5/8″ (14.4cm) long, with 4 5/8″ (11.6cm) of that being insertable. Compared to an average sound this is a little on the short side, and will probably appeal more to beginners such as myself, rather than the more advanced players who like to go deep. The inside diameter of the hook is 5/8″ (1.5cm) wide, which is big enough to fit a finger through even without flexing the material. The first sound has a continual taper, starting at 6mm and widening to a full 1cm at the other end. The second sound has three stepped sections of increasing thickness going up the shaft. Each section is around 1 1/2″ long, and is completely uniform with no taper. At the tip the section is 5mm wide, the middle section increases to 9mm wide, and the final section goes all the way up to 12mm.
When playing the sounds it is advisable to use a sterile lubricant, such as Surgilube, or Very Deep. This is to reduce the risk of bladder infections, which can be heightened when inserting foreign objects into the urethra. If you’re not going to bother with a sterile lube then make sure that at the very least you use something with no additives. The inside of the urethra is a sensitive membrane, so anything extra in a lube is prone to irritate it and lead to inflammation, even “caring” ingredients such as aloe-vera. It should also be water-based lube always, as this is a silicone toy.
Inserting the sounds is a strange experience. When you mention the word “catheter” to most men they will recoil and cross their legs, and frankly my experience was rather like that. Putting the tip of the sound into the penis wasn’t too bad; it was more of a curious feeling than anything with only some mild discomfort involved. As I began to go deeper I enjoyed it less; there was a slight scratchy/burning sensation present with every millimetre it progressed, and I remain uncertain as to whether it was because my penis merely didn’t like having any form of foreign object inside it, or if it was because the surface of the sound was causing some friction along the urethra. I found the stepped-sound easiest to use at first due to the narrower end, but once it reached the next section it became a rather tight fit and I was only able to get about half of that in before I stopped. I moved onto the tapered-sound, and while this does feel larger sooner I managed to get two thirds of it in without too much trouble thanks to the shape. Because the sounds are made of silicone they’re very lightweight, so you do actually have to push them inside you, unlike with a metal sound which I understand will gradually work its way in under its own weight. The sounds are much easier to insert if you’re flaccid at the time, but I found this difficult to maintain. As soon as an erection develops the swelling of the tissue in the penis flattens out the urethra and makes it harder to accommodate an object; you can feel the pressure of the tip of the sound as it makes its own path and it isn’t entirely pleasant. The flexibility of the sounds, which you assume would be advantageous in this instance, doesn’t seem to have a discernible impact unfortunately. If you let go of the sound then it will gradually begin to rise out of the penis of its own accord without the need to pull it out using the hook. Removing the sound felt better than inserting it, but I can’t really describe either part of inserting and withdrawing the sounds as pleasurable, but perhaps sounding just isn’t for me. The only part where I sensed a potential for pleasure was when the tip of the sound was inserted around an inch deep into the head of the penis, so perhaps a penis plug might be more suitable.
Post-sounding I noticed some tenderness along the urethra whenever I touched the underside of the penis, and also a slight burning sensation when I went to the toilet, which I found discouraging. This is probably a normal occurrence when you’re not used to this sort of activity, but it’s less than welcome when you didn’t find the activity that enjoyable in itself to begin with.

Taking care of the sounds is relatively easy; as they’re silicone they can be sterilised before and after use, which is important for toys like this as you want to keep them in the most hygienic condition possible. To do this you can boil them in water for a couple of minutes, or wipe them down with a 10% bleach solution, making sure to remove all residue before the next time you use them. They can also be cleaned in more conventional methods, such as with hot water and anti-bacterial soap, or with a toy wipe.

One issue I have with the product is the price. They’re around £40 at most places, and while I understand that the price necessarily reflects the fact that they’re a niche product with a limited market, the fact still remains that for that sort of money you could get a lot more silicone in the form of a large dildo like the Tantus Luke. If they were available at half the price then I’d consider that reasonable. The price is on par with a metal sound though, so if you’re willing to pay for that then this may seem equally acceptable.
On the whole I think that the Oxballs urethral sounds are a nice toy; they use a quality material and are well made. My only niggles at this point are the price and the fact that the finish isn’t completely smooth, but I don’t know that either of these would amount to a deal-breaker. Upon reflection I’m not entirely sure that sounding is an activity for me, though it was certainly an interesting experience to try out. I’d be willing to explore it further in the future with different types of toys, but right now I wouldn’t be tempted to spend more money on doing so.

Check out my Toy With Me Tuesday submission to see an artistic photo of the sounds.

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They are also available from UberKinky.