Rocks Off Ammunition for Love RO-80mm

I have a couple of these bullet vibes as they come as part of other toys in the Rocks Off range. Even though those toys were aimed at men, they still list it as a selling point that the vibrators can be removed and used separately, so I thought I’d test this out. It’s not completely unheard of for men to use vibrators on the penis, after all male and female anatomy shares a common root, so what works for one should conceivably work for the other.

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The RO-80mm is an attractive and sleekly designed toy, that leaves no question about why it was named a “bullet” vibe. It comes available in either a metallic finish, or in a variety of colours. If you buy a Rocks Off toy that includes an RO-80mm, then it will be one of a matching colour. The entire toy is made of a hard plastic, even the parts which appear to be metal are merely coated with a thin plate, which is slightly disappointing, but over all the toy has a good solid construction. The bullet is made waterproof by a rubber O-ring to seal the battery compartment, and a rubber nipple to house the button at the end.
The RO-80mm is easily operated by depressing the button on the end, and only has two modes – on or off. When you turn it on you do notice than the vibrations it gives off are quite intense, I would describe their nature as being high-frequency, or “surface buzzy” as others might say. It’s definitely not a deep rumbly vibration, but then I wouldn’t expect as much from a bullet.
I put the RO-80mm to the test by running it over the most sensitive areas of the penis, around the head and down the frenulum, and making note of the effect. The first thing I noticed was that it caused discomfort at times; the tip of the bullet is quite pointy, and it also has a slight defect left over from the injection moulding, which combined to cause some unpleasant scratching sensations. I checked both of my bullets and they were identical in this regard, confirming it was not merely an anomaly. I switched from using the very tip of the bullet to part of the side, and concentrated using it on the areas of the penis that seemed most responsive, alternating between holding it still in these places and sliding it up and down. No matter what I tried, the vibrations it emitted just wouldn’t cause any significant levels of pleasure, and after continuing for a sufficient period I abandoned it out boredom. As a point of contrast, when I experimented using my Lelo Billy prostate massager on the penis, it was able to bring me to full climax within a short space of time, and with satisfying result.
I would have to say that the RO-80mm really isn’t the most suitable toy to be used by a man, and Rocks Off would do better to abandon placing them inside their prostate massagers altogether, and instead put more focus on developing a better fully integrated vibration system.

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The RO-80mm bullets are available from Lovehoney U.SLovehoney UK,,  and Honour