Tantus Max O2

I’ve been looking for a new realistic dildo for a little while now, and one that also came in a fairly large size, so when I spotted the Max O2 from one of my favourite brands, Tantus, it looked perfect and I just knew that I had to have it.

[NB. The Max was discontinued, but has since been reborn as the Champion!]


The Max O2 is an exquisite dildo which not only has a realistic appearance, but also a realistic feel thanks to Tantus‘s innovative dual-density technology. The result is a product which exudes luxury, and which begs you to squeeze it and bend it, to experience all it has to offer.
Like all Tantus products the Max is made of 100% platinum silicone, but what makes it special is that it’s made from two different types of silicone. The base and the internal core of the dildo are made of a fairly firm silicone, typical of most Tantus products. This replicates the corpora cavernosum – the two columns of erectile tissue inside the penis – and gives the dildo its shape, but still allows for plenty of flex. The firm core is then covered by a very soft layer of silicone to replicate the skin and the glans. This layer is fairly thin over most of the shaft, but thicker along the underside, to mimic the corpus spongiosum – the soft tissue through which the urethra runs. The core extends only about halfway into the head of the dildo, leaving the majority of it made from the soft silicone alone, which is wonderfully supple and has a lot of give to it. Most of the surface of the dildo has a matte velvety finish, being somewhat skin-like, apart from the head which has a shiny polished look, and stands out against the rest.
The advantage of Tantus creating an incredibly realistic dildo, is that it incorporates all of the characteristics of the human penis which we overlook on a day-to-day basis, but which all evolved over thousands of years to perform unique functions that contribute to sexual enjoyment. If you consider how the glans of the penis is quite spongy, this is in order to cushion the recipient from any vigorous thrusting, which might otherwise feel like a battering-ram against the insides, and the Max O2 replicates this by its aforementioned choice of material. This means that unlike with harder dildos, you can thrust deeply and energetically, without the worry of too much discomfort if you accidentally go too far. Another example of this is that the dildo includes a foreskin detail, which is more than just aesthetic. When the foreskin is retracted it bunches up behind the glans of the erect penis, and acts to smooth out the bump of the coronal ridge. This makes for a more comfortable experience for the receiving partner when the penis is withdrawn on the out-stroke. Likewise the dildo mimics this; the head doesn’t have an especially pronounced coronal ridge to begin with, but the foreskin detail softens it further, and leaves a streamlined design for smooth thrusting.
The dildo itself is 8 1/8″ long, with around 7″ insertable, depending on how you position the balls. The shaft is completely straight, and not angled in a manner designed to target any pleasurable spots. The middle of the shaft has a circumference of 5 3/4″, and this remains quite uniform until you approach the base, where it widens slightly to 6″. The head of the dildo is rather blunt and domed in shape, and doesn’t slope or flare out at all, like a bell or army helmet. It’s also quite plain, and doesn’t include any finer details, such as the urinary meatus. The widest point of the head is 5 7/8″, just slightly more than the shaft. For the most part the shaft of the dildo isn’t that detailed, with the exception of a few soft veins near to the base, and a slightly raised area beneath the underside of the head, to imitate the frenulum. Unusually the cross-section of the shaft is quite circular, and the the area of the corpus spongiosum is not pronounced or defined. The dildo has a very broad base at the bottom, which includes two testicle-shaped mounds. Unlike in a lot of dildos, the design of the balls shows them hanging freely in a relaxed state, rather than being drawn close to the shaft, as they become in the moments preceding ejaculation. There is a thin strip of the soft silicone which connects the base of the shaft to the balls, and this either folds or stretches depending on how you bend the dildo. While it does add some realism to the appearance, my only worry is that with repeated stretching it may begin to fray, and then tear.
Using the dildo is incredibly comfortable, especially if you’re using it anally. Normally with a dildo of this size it would be advisable to warm up with a smaller more tapered butt plug first, but because the head is so soft it’s possible to insert it straight away, as all of the pressure is absorbed by the material as it eases its way in. Once the head of the dildo is inside there’s no real sense of a pop, due to the streamlined design, and the ridge of the head isn’t especially noticeable. When thrusting with the dildo it slides seamlessly in and out, with a frictionless gliding action. There’s very little drag from either the matte or shiny areas of the silicone. The coating of supple silicone along the shaft provides a wonderfully soft cushion, which adds a more realistic feel to the dildo, and which is especially noticeable if you pause and clench it between your muscles. Because of the softness, the raised veins towards the base can’t be felt while the dildo is inside you, as they just get squashed down. The broad base of the dildo gives it a lot of stability, making it perfect if you plan to place it onto a surface, and lower yourself down onto it in order to “ride” it. It also acts well as a handle to hold onto, when manually thrusting with it. As the shaft is quite thick you do get some glancing prostate stimulation when using the dildo, but the straightness of the shaft minimises this. The silicone is wonderful at absorbing body-heat during use, so the longer you play with it, the more natural it begins to feel. The dildo can comfortably be inserted quite deeply, as it bends and flexes around inside the body, and feels quite satisfyingly filling. When you get as far as you can go, the soft tip alerts you with a gentle nudge, rather than a sharp poke. One this I would say about using the toy anally, is that as it’s rather long you might not end up using the entire length, so if you were looking to insert it right down the the base, you might consider the Luke O2 instead, which is nearly identical, but shorter.
The dildo is harness compatible if you wish to use it for this, thanks to the large base. I would point out that if you hold the dildo horizontally, it does droop slightly under its own weight, even with the firm core, so you may have to hold the end and guide it into your partner.
Colour wise I bought my dildo in the “cream”, which really is a fitting description, as it’s exceptionally pale. In this instance it’s not a case of flesh colour by any other name, and even someone who had avoided the sun for years would look tan in comparison.
The surface of the dildo has a very slightly tacky feel to it, which makes it even more prone to attract dust than a typical silicone dildo, which means you’ll probably wish to rinse it off prior to use each time you get it out. The upside of this, I found, was that it held onto lube exceedingly well. It was possible to get a nice even coverage with the lube, without it forming streaks. When it comes to cleaning the dildo, as it’s silicone you’re able to sterilise it if you wish, by either boiling for a couple of minutes in water, or by wiping down with a 10% bleach solution. Alternatively you can just wash it normally with anti-bacterial soap and hot water.
The dildo is excellently made, like all Tantus products, and free from mould lines. My one little disappointment was that I found two small holes in the surface of the balls, which appear to have been caused by air bubbles. They weren’t significant enough to make me want to send it back, but imperfections are always a shame, and something I would hope to have been picked up by quality control. The other thing I spotted was that the underside of the base was slightly marbled, as though dye from another product had been mixed into the batch, but this bothered me less.
On the whole I would have to say that the Max O2 is now easily my favourite realistic dildo. I’ve been completely sold on the idea of dual-density dildos and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I look forward to many years using mine, and I suggest that everyone grabs their own too.
The Max O2 is no longer available, but Tantus have re-released this design as the Champion.