Toy Colours

Aesthetics have always been important to me when picking out toys; if something has an interesting shape and colour then it really adds to the overall allure. On that note, there are two colours I really can’t abide in sex toys, and I wish companies would stop using them: flesh tone and black.
Let’s start with black. I actually like the colour black; my consumer electronics are black, a large portion of my wardrobe is black, but I don’t want my sex toys being black. The thing is I see sex as something that’s fun, and therefore sex toys should be fun. To me black is not a fun colour, it’s rather severe, a black toy doesn’t inspire me to use it. Now there are some toys where black makes sense, such as my Intimidator and Big Stuff from the TitanMen range. These are large toys trying to convey an extreme image, and black works perfectly for that. I’m not saying that had they been available in another colour that I wouldn’t have chosen it, but I can accept black here because it’s contextual. When you want that giant anal toy to appear menacing, you make it black without hesitation. In other cases there’s no real argument for black, and it shouldn’t be the default shade.
Flesh tone is the other one I have a problem with, and let’s not even call it “flesh”, because really no one’s skin is that colour, it’s more of an insipid peachy-beige. The one toy I have which falls into the flesh tone category is my Pierre Fitch Dildo, and I have to say that this is the exception to the rule. A flesh colour is fine here because it’s a dildo modelled on an actual person, it’s supposed to be a realistic replica of Pierre’s penis, so giving it a skin tone makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is is a flesh coloured butt plug. Why would you even do that? A butt plug is not modelled on a body part, there’s no reason to give it that colouring. I’m not even that keen on regular phallic dildos being flesh coloured; it’s just so bland. We know it’s not an actual penis, it’s just a shape that some designer sculpted, so why not spice it up in a fun colour? I mentioned the Super 7″ in a previous post, I actually missed out on buying that at a huge discount because I wanted the blue and they only had flesh in stock.
What I want to say, to both retailers and manufacturers, is sell more colourful toys! Colourful toys are fun, they’re exciting, inspiring, they look good standing on your bedside table before you use them. There’s a whole spectrum of colours out there, so take advantage of it! For retailers especially, when companies do make the effort to produce their toys in a variety of colours, don’t just pick what you perceive to be the safe option, and stock only the black or the flesh. I want you to say no to those colours and buy the reds, the blues, the purples instead! Let’s brighten up the bedroom and have a vibrant toy chest, rather than a homogeneous one.
If you agree, comment below. 🙂