Hybrid Toy Concept

I haven’t been shy about my criticisms of the Rocks Off prostate massagers, my main problem being the awkward horseshoe shape, so when I saw the L-shaped Butt Boy I’ll admit that it piqued my curiosity. My other problem, though, has been with the RO-80mm bullets they use to power their toys, I simply don’t find them powerful enough, but earlier today I was struck by a moment of inspiration. 

Someone recently mentioned on Twitter that We-Vibe make their favourite bullet vibrators, so I went and looked up their Salsa model, and as it happens it’s exactly the same dimensions as the RO-80mm, only it’s rechargeable and has multiple vibration speeds and patterns.
It was clear to me what had to be done; I want to combine the silicone sleeve of the Rocks Off Butt Boy, with the superior bullet vibrator that is the We-Vibe Salsa, and see if this experiment truly does create a superior prostate massager.
Now all that remains is to acquire the various parts and put my plan into motion!

Update: I’ve since purchased both parts and you can read my reviews by clicking one of the links above.