Doc Johnson: The Super 7″ vs Ballsy 7″ Super Cock

Doc Johnson is a rather interesting company; you’ll notice the more you browse through their product catalogue that they have a habit of using the same mould to produce toys of different materials. Case in point, above to the right is the Super 7″ premium platinum silicone dildo, and to the left is the Ballsy 7″ Super Cock, made from silagel. They also announced recently that similarly their dildo moulded from porn star ‘James Deen‘ would be released in two versions.


When you think about it, it’s rather a clever solution, because it takes a successful design and markets it at both the customer who is discerning about what materials they put inside their body, and the customer who is making a price-conscious decision.


While I’d love for this to be a review post, contrasting the two products, sadly it isn’t. The fact is I’m having a moment of weakness.

I absolutely adore silicone toys, and I’ve had my eye on the Super 7″ since last year – the blue version as a matter of fact – but I didn’t snap it up on sale when I had the chance, and now the only places that have it are asking a price that frankly seems exorbitant to me. The next thing you know the Ballsy Super Cock wanders into my sights, at  a mere £13.95, and admittedly I’m having serious thoughts about it. Now I have nothing against silagel, I have four items made from it, it’s just not silicone though. It can be inflexible, and it can smell, and I almost feel as though it would surmount to some sort of betrayal of my principles as a sex toy reviewer to spend money on the inferior version. So what does one do?
Update: After a long wait I finally went ahead and bought the silicone Super 7″ in blue, check out my review here!